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  • new wscl sport pilot

    http://training - Harold passed his ck. ride and is now a new sport pilot for WSCL
  • Are Selfies Safe?

    By Ken Comments (4)

    Categories: Safety, Not Trike Related - Watch out folks. Looks like distracted flying can be an issue. Fly safe! Thoughts?
  • Klub rogalo Všeň

    By Werner Dittrich Comments (1)

    Categories: Trike Talk - Akce ---
  • STOL Tips: Going around

    By Ken Comments (3)

    Categories: Trike Talk, Safety - Pretty good writeup with video - see bottom of page on going around in STOL/Back coutry situations. 4 Types of maneuvers are described for common situations. Put yourself in a trike instead of a fixed wing and see if this help you. Trikes are...
  • NM woman rings in 88th Birthday with a flight

    By Ken

    Categories: Low & Slow Trikes, Video, News - Looks like Damien and Frank are bringing smiles and making dreams come true again. Way to go @Damien and @ulwing
  • The FAA wants to regulate what you keep in your hangar - now is your chance to be heard...

    By Ken Comments (7) - Under Federal law, airport operators that have accepted federal grants and/or those that have obligations contained in property deeds for property transferred under various Federal laws such as the Surplus Property Act generally may use airport...
  • New to Ultralight Group

    By John Fetz

    Categories: Ultralight or Part 103

    http://all - Not a NEW Ultralight pilot, been flying PPG for the last 11+ years and Aluminum Overcast since 1965 I am building an ELSA combination Delta / PPC Trike . About 15 min to switch modes.  I have 2 proof of concept 103 machined that I fly...
  • New altitude record in electric trike!

    By Ken - Glad to see some progress in the electric trike arena. South Carolina pilot sets the bar (not too high) On June 21, with scattered clouds overhead and a crowd gathered on and around Greenville Downtown Airport in Greenville, S.C., Gary Davis...
  • arlington air show

    By Rebel
    http://northwing - anyone going to arlington I plan on being there on the 9th with northwing
  • Sign this Petition to Save our Sport!

    By Ken Comments (6) - Just noticed a new petition over at to seek pilot representation on rule changes in FAA- 610. Go over and sign to help keep our sport alive!!!! SOS: Save Our Sport- Open PILOT Representation in LightSport Rule Making When the...