Hours: 1600
Airports landed

Mostly grass strips - I've landed on seal maybe a dozen times ever!

About me

Howdy all. I'm one of those old blokes who started hang gliding in the late seventies and hasn't quite managed to quit the weight-shift habit. Home for me is Christchurch, New Zealand, and when not flying or working (electrical engineer) you might find me climbing, tramping or skiing in the Alps, sailing somewhere, or - more likely - snoozing on the sofa. I like roast pork, calm sunny days and dark beers.

'Tussock' is a monicker given to me by a great mate who is now pulling wild wingovers, catching huge trout and scaring the locals 'upstairs'. 





Brief description: Old enough to know better
Contact emailbryan.tuffnell@gmail.com
Telephone: 33322502
Mobile phone: 02041122200
Trike Flown: XT912-Arrow

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