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Beach Flight Today

I grabbed this video today with just an iPhone held one handed .... but I really wanted to share with you all how beautiful it was today.

My first video in a long long time .... hope it's ok. Got another in the works, but this was a quickie ;)


  • XC Triker

    I did it one handed with an unleashed iPhone and a little turbulence at the edges of the warm/cold zones

    San Luis Bay was a hole in the clouds, then miles of clouds to go over on the way home.  Flew over the beach, though I couldn't see it ... I knew I had about 500 below to hit the beach if engine out... have flown it a million times.

    Anyway, forgive the shakiness ... just wanted to share with you all.  Hope you are getting lots of flying

    Some photos to go with it  HERE

  • YFT

    Very nice XC. Did you get to fly over the fog bank, and how long is that big white pier? Ok forget the question about the fog. I just saw your photos.

  • white eagle

    Nice xc wish i was flying there right now didnt mind shaky
    Hoping that pacific plate dosent get that way.

  • Ttabs

    woo hoo!   I think I would have did a low level past the nudies and mooned them as I was flying by (to make them feel at home).   We're about to lose our indian summer up here.  Paul and I had a nice flight on Fri up to the Canadian Border where we landed on a remote landing strip next to a secluded lake.  Colors are in full bloom.  I picked up some nice video.  I've got to get this computer fixed so I can get all this stuff edited!   

  • Jozinko

    Nice video XC. I love videos from a sea beaches.

  • white eagle

    Ttabs whadaya talking about ttabs if you did a low level mooney flight
    The nudies would be lookin down and all you would see is feet

  • XC Triker

    Thanks guys.  That sounds beautiful Tom- get that computer fixed!!!  That was funny White Eagle, Jozinko come on out.  @Yarraft pier facts :)  "


    Unocal spends $27 million to replace the destroyed wooden pier with a steel and concrete pier. The pier extends six-tenths of a mile into the bay and is constructed in the same footprint as the original pier."


    Unocal used to have a (oil) tank farm on the hill above Avila beach (about 0:58 in the movie).  There was some ground contamination and Unocal who no longer used the site was made to dig up the area, including the beach front and re-build it.  That was about when I moved up here.  Housing was unusually cheap there and in fact no one would guarantee a loan because of "contamination."  I thought about trying to buy something, but ...      Now, it's very pretty, they did an awesome job, prices are through the roof  ...   oh, well.  It's very nice to visit and play at and fly over.

  • Diego Sagrera

    Nice video XC !!! That is one long pier!

  • Ken

    Cool flight, amazing how many boats were out in the bay. Are those moored there or was it just a big day for floating around?


  • Firstlight

    Such a beautiful place to live and fly. The water looked really clear for this flight. With our cold, wet overcast I am getting increasingly jealous.

    I wouldn't have any regrets about where you did chose to live - it is a really great spot. How many people can launch a hang glider from the front yard?


  • XC Triker

    You guys are welcome any time.  Most of those boats are moored Ken, though several are fishing boats too.

    a friend emailed and said, "you'd have more interested watchers if you zoomed in on the nude beach. or titled it "the N. American plate crashing into nude women" :-) " Too funny !!