crayonboxAirborne XT912 Cruze and Streak III, Outback 582 Streak IIb

Dual 110+ Solo 150+ (as of 1-Sept-2013)

Hervey Bay YHBA, Maryborough YMYB, Pacific Haven YPAC, Childers YCDS, Tewnatin Noosa YNSH, Caloundra YCDR, Tangalooma YTGA, Watts Bridge YWSG, Biggenden YBIN, Caboolture YCAB, Gympie YGYM, Orchid Beach YOKB, Bundaberg YBUD, Gayndah YGAY, Monto YMTO, Kingaroy YKRY

Private: Nikenbah, Wanggoolba, Miramar(Takura), Lake Barambah, Susan River, The Dimonds (Bill Price)

Here is SkyVector showing some flying I have completed as of and including CrossCountry NAVs endorsement in March 2014.

I am very close to Solo....

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Hi Everyone.  I wish to introduce myself. 

My name is Stewart. I am in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.  I have been learning to fly since July and bought a used XT912 in September. It's yellow base with blue/white cruze wing.

If you wish to follow my training blog, please refer to - that's where it started so I guess that is where it stays.

Look forward to future conversations here, and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  • YFT

    Good luck for tomorrow and I hope the rain stay away for you.

  • XC Triker

    Hey Stewart,

    Welcome!  Jagsy, also from Oz, created a group for learning to fly trikes HERE.  And I was just talking to David Coy, his son is going to start writing about training in the US to fly trikes.

    I was thinking if you guys do some of the leg work in writing up the basics of requirements to earning your pilot certificate by creating a Page or two on that group.  Then the rest of us can chime in with tips and comparisons, and questions and suggestions to a "Learning to Fly Q & A, tips and Suggestions" page there for you.   There's so much we want to post here on various topics, but we can't get to them all immediately--  this is one that really should take-off  Literally and figuratively!!  (as a matter of fact, I'll create that Q&A page & a Basics page now, and promise to help you guys out with it).


    Congratulations on your near to being solo--  savor the moments, it'll never be the first time again, so don't rush it, and keep us posted!!!

  • Ken

    Welcome to alltrikes Stewart! Good luck with your solo... post some photos of your trike! We love them!

  • crayonbox

    My journey to solo... tick!

    Read about it here.

    Photo and video coming later.

  • XC Triker

    CB, I went there to read it, got diverted on your OTHER cows video--   ; )    Couldn't tell, did you Solo or not yet?

    Congrats either way!! :)

  • crayonbox

    Yes, soloed this morning, two awesome circuits.

    Another video out soon!

  • XC Triker

    Awesome!!!!  Congratulations!  How was it?

    You get the award for first solo of 2013!!!

    Looking forward to the video

  • crayonbox

    The flight was fantastic.  I wasn't at all nervous, but totally comfortable.  It all ended too soon.

    Video is an epic production ;-)

    Award - mmm, I'd like a years worth of fuel please lol


    Actually - has anyone ever videoed there first solo before?

  • TrikeCFI

    “successful” and “uneventful first solo” is the biggest hurtle. Solo your heart out. Love it. Once you solo it is all a nice glide.

  • XC Triker

    Lots of people have had their first solo videoed, but not very many I've seen have videoed it themselves-- especially not two view points and microphone input!   Nice job, just remember Keep It Simple and that many people think the videocam can kill ...  or mix badly with potential syndrome intermedius