XC TrikerAir Creation Tanarg 80hp BioniX 15M

0O2, 0O4, 0S5, 0Q5, 14S, 1O3, 3S8, 3W5, 9S3, A39, AVENAL, CALIFORNIA VALLEY, CN12, CYQS, DIXON, FOT, Headquarters, ID85, K1O3, K3O1, K3O8, KAST, KAVX (Catalina Island), KAWO, KBOK, through KBUR, KC80, KCCB, KCMA, KDAG, El Mirage Dry Lake & Flying J Ranch-El Mirage, KFHR, Over LAX midfield & LAX school, KFUL, KGCD, KHAF, KHRI, KINW, KIYK, KIZA, KKIC, KL52, KLGD, KLKV, KLPC, KLSN, KLVK, KMPI, KMRY, through KNTD, KO22, KOKB, KONP, KORS, KOXR, KPGA, KPRB, KRBG, KRBL, KRNM, KSBA, KSBP, KSDM, KSHN, KSMO, KSMX, KSNS, KSZP, KSZT, KTOA, KUAO, KUKI, low pass KVBG, KWHP, KWVI, KZPH, L06, L08, L09, L61, MATANCHEN, Monument Valley, NV74, Dry Lakes, O46, O69, Over KLAXPHHN, PHDH, S16, S51, S89, SALTON Sea x3, Slab City, Stocking Meadows, through KSEA, A few that won't be mentioned (OR/MX/Sltn), Through TRONA GAP, UT25, WA09, Yosemite, 49X, KHII, L62, L17, KFCH, KCVH, CA66, KOAR KSFF 73S 72S S94 KPUW S68 Bill's Ranch S27 KGPI (Glacier) 58S 2MT1 53U 8S1 7S0 52S S09 S34 KTHM S83 KDEW, L88 (New Cuyama "X"d- low pass), KRIR (FlaBob), L35 (Big Bear), KSBD (KTOA <->San Bernadino @ NIGHT ! :)  L45, KBFL, L05, O26, Over Mt Whitney Summit at 17,200', L73, KMIT, L19, L84, KOXR, P20, L54, KFUL (Trike Lecture), KCLR, YYWG YCOR YHAY YIVO YWTO YMIA YBRN YDLQ YTOC YPOK YWGT

~ 166 Airports, Fields, or off road (4 Countries- hopefully more soon :)

If you put all your airports/off airports on SkyVector, you can make a cool map of the places you've been.  These are mine:

      In North American Continent (US, Mex, Canada, Hawaii)

      In AUSTRALIA  (MegaFauna 2014, etc)

      ALL  (get's a little crowded in this view)

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  • Trike Love

    By XC Triker

    Categories: Big Fast Trikes

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    All this talk about trike LOVE, reminded me of this video. I tried to find it, but couldn't find it in the videos- finally found it in the comments section for True Glory YFT here:...
  • Wits - Julia Sweeney "Sex Ed." Monologue

    By XC Triker

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    Wits guest star Julia Sweeney shares a story about discussing the birds and bees (and frogs) with her eight-year-old daughter.
  • Awesome but Fatal Wingsuit Jump

    By XC Triker

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  • The Odd Couple

    By XC Triker

    Categories: Video

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    The Odd Couple. @Knussear texted me this video on the flight over saying it was me and White Eagle
  • an African pneumatic hammer- from Jozinko

    By XC Triker

    Categories: Video, Humor, Not Trike Related

    Cool ! Looks like fun and more portable. Jozinko sent me this in an email, and I thought it would be good to share.
  • Vuelo en Punta del Este- by Jodealbera

    By XC Triker

    Categories: Trike Talk, Video

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    Very Nice video. Trippy music (Dirty Paws)
  • Flight to Catalina-- 22 Miles over Open Ocean in a Trike

    " Uploaded on Oct 31, 2011 David and I flew from Torrance Airport to Catalina Airport. The distance between airports is 29 miles, 22 miles over open water. We climbed to 9,700 feet to ensure safe glide to land in an emergency such as engine out."
  • Winter River Flying - by Barry Magio

    Low flying up the Connecticut River in winter
  • Up With Gary

    Hey @Cburg , @WeFly, @Wang1 , @Flydiver what do you know about this video? It was Uploaded to youtube on Nov 8, 2009 but the wing is much older than that-- about 4 floppy battens per side and no defined airfoil. Still ahs wheels on the control...
  • Orphaned Pelican Learns To Fly - GoPro Video of the Day

    By XC Triker Comments (1)
    Hopefully to take our minds off, lighten our spirits some. A kindred spirit learns to fly. Beautiful and amazing. "Abandoned by his flock, Bigbird the pelican stumbled ashore after a storm and was taken in by the staff of Greystoke Mahale in...