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Megafauna 2014 - The Movie

Welcome to the World Premiere of "Megafauna 2014 - The Movie" - exclusive to For those of you who were able to participate in the event, we hope you enjoy it and the memories it may bring. For others, perhaps it will give you an insight into this incredible aviation event organised by Peter and Anne McLean of Yarrawonga Flight Training in Australia.

Already some of you are asking if it is possible to get your own copy rather than having to access it via Youtube. Yes, we will notify you of details soon.


The Toucans


  • av8or

    Wow, you have turned what was looking like a fairly dull day in Mansfield into an audio visual extravaganza . The last time I viewed an epic of these proportions it was Ben Hur  We'll done Toucans you may have missed your vocations in life. Maybe next year you can raise the bar and shoot it in 3D. !


  • Noel C

    My work productivity is clients had to take a back seat whilst I watched Toucan Productions world premier.  Well done guys.  It brought back lots of good memories.  First time I have seen YFT speechless!!!

  • XC Triker

    That was very cool !!!  it was 24 minutes and I wanted it to go on forever.  I miss all you guys !!  ... and wow you live in a beautiful place Toucans!  Be careful who you invite .. this is a worldwide forum and has made the world just that much closer.   Remember you are all invited to share our wonderful space here via trike, or just a visit any time.

    I wish I had more thumbs to give it more thumbs up.   Putting this all together is such a gift to us all, thank you!!!

  • white eagle

    wow roy and peter   i only have a few words to descibe the movie brovo brovo brovo mates. we watched it with the family on the big screen 4 times. Now sonyas tugging on my shoulder saying were going together next year. We got a huge thrill on chris puddle jumping and have decided to nominate him for a landy grammy?just loved it.I to just cant get austrailia and all of you out of my heart.THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF ALLTRIKES. Its people like you that really make this site work.         did i say i was going to use a few words?

  • crayonbox

    That is the best and most epic microlighting / flying video online.  Thank you for doing this so that those like me who could not attend could experience some of the adventure.

    Now when the real incriminating stuff going online ;-)

  • YFT

    Hi Peter and Roy, Well it was worth the waiting for. I have been told to stop making the funny faces. THANKS FOR THAT... Loved it.

  • Janet

    Dear Toucan Brothers - Thank you for this incredible gift to those of us that couldn't make it to Megafauna this year.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie, and even more enjoyed watching California David's delight as he was reminded of the great fun and friends he made in Oz.  Great movie.  Thank you!

  • white eagle

    admin    is there any way that we can keep this at the top of the thread for a week or so                     its such a treat for all are members?

  • Admin

    Yes, movies can be featured on the front page just like photos.     We usually wait for a post to mature, then bring it back for an encore again!

    Add the tag "Feature Me" to any Photo (not file) or Video to put it in the suggested line up for featuring

  • LisaC

    Haha good job Uncle Peter and Dad! Great watch :) i wanted to see more!!

  • TrikeBoyWonder

    That video was a lot of fun!!...thanks for sharing  You guys 'down under' know how to have a smashing good time.  Oh BTW, who were those two ugly Americans and that Slovak guy? ;-))

  • Ken

    Looks like a great time! sure hope to make a future megafauna event.

  • Jozinko

    Well done Two Can Fly  Brothers :)) A lot of nice words was writed here about your awesome movie. I love it! I was experienced MFF, I was experienced those incredible nice people there and I experienced a lot of fun there. But, it was too short... In time, when I start to understood all around, I must went home...

    Hey, X, probably you didnt try my pear brandy. Because after a sufficient quantity, the ugly Americans become pretty, nice and very funny... and my incredible good friends!!! A Slovak guy??? I dont know.... :)

  • Jozinko

    I saw it 4,5,6 (???) times today and I comented to my wife every one picture of this awesome adventure. She didnt understood no one word...but, Peter & Roy - my darling Toucan Brothers - she was a tears in her eyes when she read your last message for me... My friends, Slovakia - town Malacky, you must to have in your destination list.

  • flyhighglider

    Well done Toucan Fly, it was great to let my family see that we do actually go away and fly, :)

  • Hedgeview

    Masterfully edited Toucan.  Very entertaining.

  • ULtrikepilot
    Fantastic, thoroughly enjoyed it.  Excellent video editing.  Maybe one day I will make it down for some flying adventures.  Thanks for sharing!
  • RizzyWizzy

    Wow, this has got to me one of my favorites now. Very nice editing, story, music. Very impressed with Australian hospitality. Wish I was there too and along with flying could have played cricket with you fellows :)

    Very nicely done.

  • Green Leader

    What a great movie Toucan Bros!!! Great editing job and music choice, not to mention the humorous element. Have watched the movie a number of times with my family and relived the adventure over and over again.

  • XC Triker

    Ha ha!!  Just noticed that "Jozinko" is in the Tags for this movie!!!  That guy gets in all the Tags!!!  That's why his Tag Cloud font is so BIG !!!  (look to the left column on the activity page for the "Tag Cloud"  larger text = more popular subject  ;)  Too funny.

  • Jozinko

    Ohhh Thank You, Thank You, Thank You very much.... :)))

  • Ken

    Just doing some research for future trips, and had to wonder - is this standard practice down under?


  • YFT

    Hi Ken, So you found it... Yes we do this a lot in OZ, it just goes to show you that Emu's are not that bright.

  • Jozinko