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  • Next solo

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Training / Learning to Fly a Trike, Video

    Those are next Heňo's solo flights.
  • D-Day Jump

    By Ken

    Categories: Not Trike Related

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    My D-Day Jump over Normandy 5 June 2019
  • Henrich's first solo

    He did a great work in the evening, then I let him to go to the first solo.
  • Trike Fly-in Plevník 2019

    We had a trike meeting and a part of Championship of Slovakia.
  • 16,000 Feet Over Mt. Whitney with a Trike

    By Happy Triker

    Categories: Video

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    This particular flight was in my bucket list for long time. Mt. Whitney (14,505 feet) is the highest peak in 48 contiguous United States. I have to take off from the airport which is located in leeward of the Sierra Nevada Mountains which stand up...
  • The Morava river & the Baťa canal

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Cross Country / XC, Video

    The flight with Petr Bacik over Morava river and Baťa canal. Mr Baťa wanted to connect Czech and Slovak republic through a canal and started to built it. The Idea begin to be actual in present here too.
  • Air & Air

    By Diego Sagrera

    Categories: Video, Weather

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    Having fun with the clouds 
  • A flight for Branko

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Video

    Branko's mother flew in another trike. We had qute little time, because a storm was coming...
  • Flying with Friends

    By Rick D

    Categories: Video

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    Had the privilege of flying with a great group of guys in the Hurricane / St. George area of Utah. What a blast it was!
  • a short weather test

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Video

    I was expecting a strong crazy thermal and was beautiful.