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  • Knocking the dust off

    Back in the air after the winter season and bad weather days.
  • Training

    the situation: you are standing on the ground and you are watching at the trike in the sky what is going to land. Usually you can see the bottom side of trike. My question is: what is a chance to see upper side of wing? see at 2:30 It was the stall...
  • Jetski pandemonium!

    Chasing Bill and Barb (coworkers) on their Jetskis. On a side note, the jetskis are both powered by Rotax engines too! My GoPro 7 Black camera was spent on the earlier Grand Canyon run, so I had to land and mount the old, trusty GoPro 3 for this...
  • Temple Bar cruise

    By Larry Kaiser Comments (3)
    Airborne Outback over Lake Mead, at Temple Bar.
  • Thermal

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Video, Weather

    I wanted to fly with my father visit our friends to another airport. Spring thermal is strong, I know it plus a little wind. But what awaited us there at 3:00pm was unexpected... I was completely sweaty... We were sitting for a nonalcoholic beer and...
  • New prop

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Tech, Equipment, Video, News

    Comments (2)
    We installed a new prop
  • Glacier National Park - summer 2018

    By ULtrikepilot Comments (4)
    I was ecstatic to have had the opportunity to finally fly over Glacier National Park last summer. The terrain, landscapes and scenery in the park is mind blowing and to be able to see it like an eagle would from a trike was an absolutely incredible...
  • California Super Bloom 2019

    By Happy Triker

    Categories: Video

    Comments (2)
    This was one of place I wanted fly for long time....
  • Just fly

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Video

    A short flight
  • 2019 flying season begins!!!

    By Ken

    Categories: Big Fast Trikes

    Comments (3)
    Let the spring 2019 flying season begin! Finally a great day to get off the planet has arrived in Reno