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  • 2019 flying season begins!!!

    By Ken

    Categories: Big Fast Trikes

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    Let the spring 2019 flying season begin! Finally a great day to get off the planet has arrived in Reno
  • I started the season

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Video

    Finally a nice weather came here. It was a little thermal but I enjoyed the flight
  • Henrich continued his training

    Our season has been started.
  • Scared of Flying? Check this Weather Phenomenon. Around the Mountain

    By crayonbox
    My most recent info packed video.  All about inversion layers and lapse rate.
  • Freedam in Class G

    By Happy Triker

    Categories: Video

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    Fun flight aroud the beautiful clouds right after the rain. This was a rare oppotunity here in Southern California.
  • Maverick trike with Solairus wing

    Well I see that I have not posted any thing in the Part 103 or UL trikes group for quite a while.  Don't believe I posted this one here before so here goes. 3 years ago when our family was vacationing at the NJ shore, I took a flight in my...
  • Dam video!

    My Buddy Lance and I fly the dam and lake mead. He just bought a new GoPro Hero 7 Black and it takes nice videos...
  • Hoover Dam area.

    By Larry Kaiser
    Getting some video for my buddy Lance. Temp very near freezing... Several more on my channel, if you like...
  • Getting some Dam Video (Hoover that is)

    By Larry Kaiser
    My buddy Lance and I cruising the Lake Mead area yesterday.
  • 20180702 ShipRock

    This mountain captures the spirit of New Mexico like no other. On the first day of a trip up to Colorado, Paul and I flew up to ShipRock Peak, in the 4 Corners area of New Mexico. We followed the 6 mile long spine from the south, then circled the...