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  • A new student

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Training / Learning to Fly a Trike, Video

    Martin is a HG pilot and he wants to be a PHG pilot.
  • ZVFR

    The guy was a guide at the airport and told me, he newer flew trike. We returned after sunset, but a short test flight we did. He was happy and maybe we will have a new student.
  • Adelka

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Cross Country / XC, Video

    We flew from Boleraz airport to Krakovany airport.
  • Looking back at Heňo's training

    Crosswind and turbulence. Heňo is no longer a student of Rogallo Team. Today he successfully passed the final examination and he became the trike PILOT. 
  • Out of gas!

    By Dave G Comments (7)
    It would never happen to me.......Famous last words. Im about to air my "IDIOT laundry in public" If anybody learns anything from this video then its worth posting this embarrasing video.
  • Hell's Canyon and the Snake River

    By Ttabs Comments (5)
    Here's a little take from the Joseph 2019 fly-in.  Thought we'd do a little trolling for fish!  
  • Húšky

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Cross Country / XC, Video

    We flew at Hušky on annual goulash party. Husky is like a small recreational area where my friend lives and he has his trike there. There is no runway, no airport... a field only
  • 2019 Joseph OR fly-in ....

    By Ttabs Comments (3)
    Well the 2019 NW Trike Fly-in is behind us.  Things went very smoothly (except for our La Grande folks)  and the week was exceptional.  Great company and decent flying!  Actually, I enjoyed the cooler weather and the cloud flying...
  • Slovakian castles from a trike

    Great pilot Miro Huljak made this video
  • Having some fun trying to kiss the runway.

    Landings day.