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  • Comment on "Almost Down"

    ...o are placing comments about YFT Formation training. This training is not for everyone. In fact...who come to me to do the 20 hour formation training and get their federal attitude for the endorsement before the training starts or the endorsement wil...

  • Comment on "something from training"

    Good training to be sure. @lfitz3 trained me over and over again on engine outs. Had mine cut out once on a solo flight and the training took over. Priceless

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  • New Pilot

    Casey again after one hour of formation training.

  • X-Ray Tango Flight

    Two sessions of formation training yesterday saw a two and a three aircraft formation flight over the lake at Yarrawonga. This morning, more sessions were planned, but unfortunately...

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  • BRS Training: Cirrus Deploys Chute Training when the handle should have been pulled. "We believe a lack of training and practice are the primary...irrus's director of flight operations. The company has created new training materials that it's encou...

  • Motion Induced Blindness

    ...we were taught about scanning outside the cockpit when I went through training back in the '50s.  ...trate it didn't exist at that time.   This was the same training that I received while trainin...

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  • Training

    I'm getting some excellent training from Mike Theeke. Not ready to solo yet but it's all coming together. Don't know how to add photo's and make comments on this board.

  • Soloed

    I did it. Finished my training and soloed my beautiful Sky Cycle trike. Mike did an awesome job training me and building the trike. It flies like a dream. I'm going to have a blast being a trike pilot :)

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  • Chat about flying in Alaska on May 7 - Also Article Link

    ...te on their aviation bucket list. Join Flight Training Editor Ian Twombly and Techni...y 7, at 3 p.m. Eastern for the monthly Flight Training Facebook chat. Our guest chat...n email reminder.

  • Copper State 2015

    ...xpected to generate an unusually high volume of VFR traffic in the vicinity of CGZ. Since this airspace is routinely subject to intensive student training activity, the amount of VFR t...

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  • Training Resources
    • open group
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    Training Resources

    A group for discussing and sharing training resources and the learning process toward Solo/Licensure
  • Learning to Trike

    Learning to Trike

    Learners and experienced pilots sharing their knowledge
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  • Training Resources

    Training Resources

    A group for discussing and sharing training resources and the learning process toward Solo/Licensure

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  • Learning to Land - consistently!?

     I am looking for your assistance so PLEASE chime in if you have words of encouragement and wisdom. Today I left the field deflated and frustrated. I didn't solo. The weather was just right - but I wasn't. Now don't get me wrong - even though a lot of the disappointment ...

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