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Formation Training


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This is how we start Formation Training... One on One.


  • white eagle

    Good morning yft. I was wondering how many trikes have you had in formation.
    Have you ever had any close calls. Just curious.what would you concider a safe distance for pilots that havnt had formation training.i get a little nervous when someone flys close.is it a requirement to carry brs on youre trike when in formation (group or leagal)? When iam flying iam more of a meditive soul searching site seer.but fully enjoy seeing youre flock in migration.just wondering what the mental disaplines are between youre flock

  • YFT

    Hi David, in answer to your question, no we have not ever had a close call. Its all in the training. For any pilot coming through YFT for a formation endorsement it is 20 hour minimum of training, and this also means one on one and then we bring the pilot into larger and larger formations.  The largest formation I have trained was 8 aircraft.  This is Trikes.  The closest distance for a non-formation pilot in Australia is 100 feet apart, that's the law.  No we do not use BRS I don't like them.  If you ask XC Triker he will send you a copy of my formation training manual.  It is not for general viewing.  All the best YFT

  • YFT

    Hi David, I forgot to mention that a safe distance for a well trained Formation Pilot is 3 feet. We don't worry about the distance apart because we trust each other and we have all been through the same training. This type of flying is a DISCIPLINE!

  • XC Triker

    Great info YFT.  I don't know that we have a law in US about how far apart we can be in/out of formation.  However, the other pilot must be briefed before flying in formation (whether this is a ground or air brief is not clear).  Additionally, there is the general FAA rule prohibiting in an unsafe manner.  They get to say at the time they make judgement what is safe and unsafe (so we don't have the benefit of specifics like you do in this regard).

    Personally, I like to look at the scenery much more than other pilots, so I like quite a bit of distance.  Looking forward to an intro to your course, and of course I'll share with David Coy.