Mike Theeke

Hours: 5,500
Airports landed

Marion County Airport, Stevenson , AL, Pine Island , FL, Lookout Mountain, GA, Clinton, MI, Oshkosh, WI, Lakeland, FL

About me

My name is Mike Theeke , pronounced "tiki". I am a native of Michigan, but now live Northern Georgia.  I am the owner of Fly Hard Trikes, Inc. in Jasper, TN.  We are a full time WSC Flight School.  We also manufacture the Sky Cycle, Part 103 Legal trike.  Check out my website: http://www.flyhardtrikes.com

Contact emailflyhardskys@aol.com
Telephone: 423-364-9379
Mobile phone: 423-364-9379
Twitter username: FlyHardTrikes
Trike Flown: Sky Cycle, North Wing, Aeros

My Market

  • WSC Flight Instruction

    Category: market:category:Instruction
    Type: market:type:
    Price: $115 per hour flight training
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