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  • Ken

    Airports landed: ...nta Inez (IZA), Calvada Meadows, Shoshone (L61), Amargosa, Pahrump Dry Lake,  Mesquite Dry Lake, Lake Havasu City (HII), Barstow (DAG), El Mirage, Flying J, Big Bear City (L35), Flabo...

  • RauckOn

    Interests: Flying and Music

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  • NorthBorne?

    This is my XT carriage being fitted with a GT 6 by Kamron at Northwing right now. Pretty excited for this coming flying season. Does anyone on here have experience flying a Airborne trike with a Northwing wing? Looking forward to meeting you all in Joseph Oregon in July!!!

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    Formation flying over the paddock burns

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  • Trike Book

    ...ssed it you can still get a copy of the 256 page book that is The Trike Flying Bible in the trike world.&nbs...) hotmail (dot) com.  Thanks for taking time to read this and safe flying to you all.

  • Hang glider and equipment for sale!

    Wills Wing Sport 2, 155 hang glider, Robertson pod harness, PDA reserve chute, and Mountain High Oxygen system for sale. To see them in action search for "Larry Kaiser" on You Tube, then watch the Sabbath Flying" video. All equipment is in good shape. $900 for wing only or $1450 for everything.

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  • The 12th Annual Arizona Flying Circus

    The 12th Annual Arizona Flying Circus will be happening February 13-15, 2015 at MoTown!The Arizona Flying Circus is a volunteer effort...West, the AFC has evolved into a rather unusual flying event like no other. Certainl...

  • Megafauna Fly-away 2015

    ...parting from YFT on Sunday 3rd of May 2015 and flying to Swan Hill, Mildura, Ouyen,....   Day 1     Flying distance 133nm  &nb...bsp;   Day 4     Flying distance 135nm Day 5 ...

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  • Flying the Canyon we will fly the full length of the 45km canyon to explore the depth of up to 900 meters. An awesome experience that I had with my flying buddy Noël Perrier flying the DTA Voyageur 1 - 912 and...

  • A winter flying with Jany

    We changed some short messages about weather and with Jany we decided to go flying. We thought about max 15 mins of flight because of cold. We spent 1h and 14mins of beautiful flying time.

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  • Cross-Country Trikers
    • open group
    • 30 members

    Cross-Country Trikers

    A group for Trikers around the world who are interested in Long Distance trike flights.
  • Ultralight or Part 103 trikes
    • open group
    • 39 members

    Ultralight or Part 103 trikes

    group is for discussion of part 103 trikes or flying part 103 trikes
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  • RizzyWizzy

    Arguing with a pilot is like wrestling with a pig in the mud, after a while you begin to think the pig likes it.

    Tags: flying, comedy, playing guitar and flute

  • 2004 SeaWing 582 amphib

    I'll know this amphib will be missed, but I can't fly the Tanarg and the Commander and keep the SeaWing too!  The engine is strong and trouble-free with 260 hours; the wing is strutted and has less than 50 hours.  Cruises at 43 mph and takeoff/landing is under 30mph.  Will consider...

    Tags: amphib, Seawing, trike, flying, aircraft

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