12 Groundhog Day (Again)- More in this Long DistanceTrike Flying Adventure series

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Groundhog Day (Again) -  More in this Long DistanceTrike Flying Adventure

This morning, AGAIN, I waited a while in the hopes that the clouds/mist
would burn off in the Pittsburg, PA area, then took off from Dubois
where it was mostly clear with just a few high clouds. Pittsburg was
VFR at takeoff but most everything surrounding it was MVFR and even
saw some IFR around Pittsburg. My hope was that things would start to
burn off during the 110 SM flight and I would be able to weave
under/around the remaining clouds and make it to somewhere in
WV, if not my goal of Herron, WV (7G1).

I was also concerned that the Prog Charts show a large area across a
couple states with TS's and rain across my path for later in the day,
although the risk of TS's in Pittsburg had dropped below 30% at
takeoff. My realistic goal today was to land in WV and go northwest
towards Toledo, OH and MI and land when WX and turbulence dictated,
then continue tomorrow.

About 30 miles into the flight and flying at 4500', the clouds had the
potential to be solid below me with no breaks in sight and no
reason to think it would be any different for the next 80 miles to
Pittsburg. I didn't want to run below these due to all of the rolling
hills and the fact that TS and rain were predicted for later in the
day. Embedded TS's are a big concern, I wanted to get a hangar for
the trike and there weren't any AP's along my way to find shelter at.
The clouds were also just starting to close in behind me but it was no
problem getting back to Dubois with a nice tailwind and reclaiming my

The plan tomorrow is to do a similar thing. The clouds/fog/mist is
forecast also but right now it doesn't show the broad band of TS's and
rain for later in the day. If that's how it turns out, I'll get as
close as I can to Herron and that might mean diverting North or South
and possibly sitting the trike down for awhile to wait. Once things
clear up, land in WV and then continue NW.

If feels good to get up in the air and make an attempt, even if I
fail. Otherwise I sit around all day wondering if I made the right