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for sale, boat anchor ( kidding!)

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i'm sure i'm in the wrong place, but i'm offering for sale my HIRTH 65 hp unit, exactly as i last flew it, complete with carbs, pru, altitude adjustment. 65 hp, approx 200 hrs. almost free!!  $1k. it's been in dry storage since i last flew it, i swamped it with 'preserva-oil' so it'll smoke when fired up, it's old enough to smoke!. also my aircreation fun 14/ 447  /83 hrs.. it flys fine, looks fine, runs fine, but it just does'nt 'fit' me.. $6k, coin of realm will wrest this little jewel from me!.(then i can go buy a new maverik 14.7 and put it on 'phang', who DOES fit me..) if interested in these 'bargains', respond on this post and  we'll  figure out how to relieve you of your funds. monty