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  • Saturday 2-11-16

    Snapshot from video of a 60 mile cross country. If you look between the bar and my arm you can see Doug Boyle in his Tanarg below me.

  • Toucan't Fly

    Toucans can't fly. Whilst on a cross country trip to Lightning Ridge in outback NSW, we had a forced landing. Suspected bird strike to the propellor. All went well though. No damage to trike or pilot and passenger. Yes, a video is being made. Watch this space!

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  • Thrust Test

  • The Waddington Effect

    See the article related to this amazing graph describing why maintenance needs to be planned and cross checked carefully!!!:

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  • Over and under engineering

    Recent discussion on a tragic accident thread on CSI has taken a tangent on bolt sizes and strength.  This sp...te Tensile Strength (UTS) for the alloy used in AN bolts is 125,000 psi.  Cross s...

  • My terrifying Trike flight story

    Hi everyone, I would like to share a terrifying trike story. This happened back in trike the manufacturers limitations are 12 knots cross wind and max wind strength making any headway)....I was on high alert going crosswi...


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  • Cross-Country Trikers
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    Cross-Country Trikers

    A group for Trikers around the world who are interested in Long Distance trike flights.
  • Trike Modifications and Improvements
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    Trike Modifications and Improvements

    This is a group to discuss trike modificaitons and improvments that you have performed on your trike, or to find help on how to brainstorm and accomplish the mod you are trying to accomplish
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