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~ 166 Airports, Fields, or off road (4 Countries- hopefully more soon :)

If you put all your airports/off airports on SkyVector, you can make a cool map of the places you've been.  These are mine:

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      In AUSTRALIA  (MegaFauna 2014, etc)

      ALL  (get's a little crowded in this view)

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  • Salton Sea (CRUSTY SEA) Fly-In Feb 15-17: in the fat sweet air 200' BELOW sea level Hosted by...
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    2014-02-15 07:00:00 2014-02-15 08:00:00 Salton Sea (CRUSTY SEA) Fly-In Feb 15-17: in the fat sweet air 200' BELOW sea level Hosted by Paratoys We are joining forces with Chad Bastian of Trike Buggy to get together and fly over the 3 day weekend. "Smooth lake air, desert sun and ALL DAY FLYING at almost 200 feet below sea level. A steady off-lake breeze makes all day thermal free flying possible. If you’re adventurous, there are numerous places to explore on mini cross country trips with lots of places to explore; from miles of beach to mountains, flat lands to popular desert canyons. Several... Salton Sea, California, USA paratoys.como noreply YYYY-MM-DD

Salton Sea (CRUSTY SEA) Fly-In Feb 15-17: in the fat sweet air 200' BELOW sea level Hosted by Paratoys

By XC Triker
Salton Sea, California, USA
2014-02-15 07:00

We are joining forces with Chad Bastian of Trike Buggy to get together and fly over the 3 day weekend.

"Smooth lake air, desert sun and ALL DAY FLYING at almost 200 feet below sea level.

A steady off-lake breeze makes all day thermal free flying possible.

If you’re adventurous, there are numerous places to explore on mini cross country trips with lots of places to explore; from miles of beach to mountains, flat lands to popular desert canyons.

Several restaurants that welcome us and encourage pilots to fly in, land and eat. One even gave a discount because a pilot flew in!

Lots of land to host competitions… and SAFELY!

Great weather. On average, it’s 75 degrees! Think about that while most of the northern US is covered in snow.

Cool nights, perfect for bon fires and blankets.

Lots RV parking and tent camping along the flight line."

We often just drop in to say hello and camp separate from the Paratoys event.  There are runways at Salton Sea (gravel) & Ansa Borrego (nice asphalt with services & possibly Hangars available).   There is a dirt runway at the Salton Event, in the past it has been a bit rough & small- so I'd recommend the Strip at Ansa Borrego.
The area does have wilderness preserves and parks and IS PATROLLED by a flying ranger who knows the common aircraft frequencies-- so use some common sense in flying the area, & radio announcements, even if some of the soft wings, etc,  do not.
HEREare the ROUGH coordinates of the Salton event, nearby airports, Glamis & Slab City:
Some Movies:

Damien's Movie made near Glamis & Slab City

Another perspecive of Damien at Slab City:
Henry, HERE


Lots of discussion from 2013 event, HERE

If you register with Paratoys ~ $75-$90
United States


  • Ken

    Looks to me like this date could be wrong and was speaking with @XCtriker who was speaking with @chadbastian and it sounds like there may not be an official organized Salton event this year. In that case I was thinking we could hijack the opportunity, move it to a 3-day weekend (e.g. Feb 15-17 is presidents day weekend) and have some trike fun, Any takers ?

  • XC Triker

    Hey I missed ur post---  Feb 15-17 is a great idea. I called Jim and he's in for it. I'm going to make almost a week out of it, REALLY looking forward to it as possibly the BEST flying event of the spring!!!!

  • Ken

    Just got an email from Chad Bastian - looks like this is a go with a new date!

    "I talked with a few other PPG Guys, and we will plan on that weekend! I will put it out there on the forums for others as well, and list it on my sites.

    Let's go fly!
  • XC Triker

    Feb 17th is President's Day, so many will have a 3-day weekend.  @SallyTucker talked with the flying-J boys, and they and she are going.  Because the prior hosted event was a week-long event, many people will come down a few days early and stay a few days later (like myself-- I'm going to make a week of it).

    I'm really seeing that this is going to be an awesome year at Salton !!!  Hey @Rizzy , didn't you tell me yesterday you might fly down and join us?  That would be great-- fly into San Diego, take the Fam?  I'll pick you up!!  Take @GeorgeB , @Ttabs , @Wambleska & @NWhiteAfd with you ---  Escape the Winter in San Diego !!!!

    @Damien , @Karl , @Frankoyama , @DaveSalter , @hwyfergs , @Kenpaddon , @Jake , @CraigV , @FlyingLeap , @Vance , @DaleDidion  you're going too right?  @X , you know you want to go--  You've got a personal invite-- stay with us in my trailer.

  • Ole

    They have changed the name of this event. It is now officially called CRUSTY SEA FLY-IN.

  • Ken

    So Be it!

  • XC Triker

    Sweet, Doug @hwy9fergs is going too!!  Awesome, buddy!!  It's going to be huge, I really feel it!!  Ken & I were talking that since so many are going, maybe we should arrange another Prop Balancing party so we can all get a discount on dynamic balancing.

    BTW "Crusty" Ken, since you're going about renaming, it is actually no longer "...hosted by Paratoys."  (I don't know much, but rumor had it that there was a loss in the management of Paratoys, and so this year's event just didn't get scheduled.   So we've stepped up and organized a date (one that just happens to be convenient to trikers too ;)

    You going or what Crusty Mc Frij' Ole ( @wingedgringo )-- that would be sweet if you brought your crustiness down there.  You can bring your clown suit---

    Krusty the clown

  • XC Triker

    I anticipate the Salton Sea to be one of THE best fly-ins of 2014 !!!

    I will be flying down on Thursday Feb 13th- I'll stay in Borrego for the night.  My wife will be arriving on Friday Feb 14th.  Monday the 17th is President's day.
    We made a reservation at  West Shores RV Park (Salton Sea / Thermal CA)  Space # 84.   (760) 343-9091

    James and I drove the Prius down there last year (to West Shores RV park) where a bunch of trikers (Flying J boys, etc) were hanging out--  It is right on a very nice flat/smooth runwy--  WAYYY better than the "runway" that Paratoys had set up about a mile South (was short and full of 2 foot whoop-ti-do's).  It is a SUPER nice set up for flying!!!

    Google Maps-35-2.jpg



    Google Maps-36-1.jpg

  • XC Triker

    Yeah, Ole ( @WingedGringo ) you going to the fabled banks or not?  We wanna know so we can be prepared and etc  ;)   In case you write any stories about us...

  • XC Triker

    Woo hoo Maarten ( @mlobker )  it will be great to meet you--  we're gonna have a great time.  You must know Ken & his crew ?

  • Maarten

    Same here. Looking forward to it!  And yes, I know Ken well.  I'm part of his regular Sunday flying crew her in Vegas. 

    For this weekend I'll be staying with family in Palm Springs, but joining you during the day. I'll either drive my trailer or fly in from Thermal airport (which is also a good place to keep my trike overnight). 

    Please keep me posted of the final meetup location (RV part or the other spot described above). 

    See you soon. 

  • XC Triker

    Hi Maarten, we will park the RV right next to the box marked Runway (above)--  that's an RV park right there--  West Shores RV Park (Salton Sea / Thermal CA) (760) 343-9091  We got space # 84.

  • XC Triker

    Just about 2 weeks to the Salton Sea trip!!!  Nice campground right on a nice dirt strip right on the sea.  We will be having a blast there.

    Some may fly out to San Diego and back up to LA via the coast-- Kind of the reverse of   day 8-9 of Top to Bottom

  • XC Triker

    !!!  Watch OUT !!  Probable TFR North of Salton Sea on our Weekend !!!

    FLIGHT ADVISORY:   VIP Visit-- Palm Springs, California
    February 14-17, 2014
    The exact location and times for this TFR have not yet been determined. Check published
    NOTAM for latest information.
    See initial info here:
    Palm Springs (KPSP) is 35NM North of Borrego Airport (LO8).  Many Presidential TFRs are 30NM-- it has not been said if this is a presidential TFR or how large, etc.  Also, I personally doubt they will use all 4 days.
    This is about what a 30NM TFR would look like centered on KPSP (double click to enlarge):


    See the above FAA link for details, but basically they are saying it is typical for this type of TFR that is likely to happen to have a 10NM inner ring within which ALL aircraft are prohibited (except emergency & pre-screened aircraft), and a 30NM outer ring in which flights with a VFR flight plan filed, in contact with ATC and squawking a discrete code may be permitted between local airports outside the 10NM ring, ATC workload permitting.

  • XC Triker

    More info on the TFR  here:  http://tfr.faa.gov/save_pages/sect_print_4_8104.html

    Looks like it's not centered on Palm Springs, but slightly S/East, so covers a bit more of the N tip of Salton Sea than I guessed.

    From February 15, 2014 at 0200 UTC (February 14, 2014 at 1800 PST)

    To February 17, 2014 at 2130 UTC (February 17, 2014 at 1330 PST)

  • XC Triker

    Yeah Jon (@racingactor) will be great to see you there!  Long time since we met at Oceano buddy.

  • Doug Smith

    Salton sea?: Yesterday while packing gear and airing out my sleeping bag I got word that a friend has passed due to complications after a surgery. The memorial is on Sunday so I'm stuck.  Anybody going to be there Friday night? I doubt I'll bring my trike now, but a ride on Saturday would be appreciated???

  • Maarten

    I'm still planning to be there on Sunday, maybe Saturday.

    By the way, TFR is indeed for a presidential visit. Apparently he is meeting with the king of Jordan at Rancho Mirage.

  • XC Triker

    Thanks Maarten.  Karl wanted some additional info on the site-- I'll post tomorrow-- exhausted right now.  Several long days ....    but first a really cool video  (see next post)  ...

  • XC Triker

    Note:  I called WXBrief tonight and found out that Salton Sea airport (SAS) is CLOSED by NOTAM until 2/28.  For me that doesn't make much difference as I wasn't planning on landing at the actual Salton Airport (slightly gravely runway), I prefer the unofficial dirt strip at the RV park.  Borrego Valley airport (L08) is open per WXBrief, but remember there is a PRSIDENTIAL TFR just north of Borrego and covering the North tip of Salton Sea.

    By way of 3rd hand report, Ken L_ was there this afternoon and said it looked good-- I haven't been there in over a year, but liked it a lot when I was.  

    The little strip I am going to land at appears to be made of DG (decomposed granite), and was in adequate shape last year.  (you're PIC make your own decisions, but I loved it ;)

  • Doug Smith

    Looks like I'm gonna have to pass on this trip. Blue skies guys! 

  • XC Triker

    We are having an AWESOME time here !!!  Jon just pulled in tonight.  If the internet wasn't slow out here, we'd blow your minds with photos-- first night, pink sunset over glassy lake melting into the horizon with a huge full moon rising !!!   Sally was dropped by today--  too bad here GoPro died, then again might have been busted for what we pulled off  ...   ;)  Hoping the rest of you guys can make it.  Karl is flying over tomorrow at dawn.

  • Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk

    Hi I had the best time today flying.   I had a ride with XC Triker.   Million thanks for the ride and it was a fantastic flight, especially over the sea.   Quite a view!!!

    Doug, thank you for providing my deaf sister, Linda a ride.  She loved it too much.   She had an good experience with the trike today.  In the past Linda had tandem on hang gliding and paragliding with Rob McKenzie few years ago.  She likes the all of them.


  • Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk

    Can't wait to see the pictures from XC Triker and Doug