Cross Country (Long Distance) Flying Prep & Gear

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Hi all,

I wanted to start a blog about cross country flying. For new pilots who are exploring long cross country flying, what considerations should they take?

Jeff trike made an awesome recommendation "Delorme Inreach" a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) GPS tracker that allows two way text messaging.

How about a tent, tie downs, thermal blanket, knife etc?


How do you prepare for a cross country trip? What would you take to your cross country trip? Any brand recommendations that have worked well for you?






  • Jozinko

    Hi Rizzy, this is a good question...
    At first I check maps: air maps - TSA, TRA, CTR, TMA and their activation.... next I check terrain maps. I do not have a BRS then i plan my routes over places where I can to land if something happened.
    A weather forecast is next.
    Good compass is necessary but I use a GPS too and a ICAO map (or printed helpful part of it). A great app for mobil i use is Fly is Fun. there are air maps with all areas, all airports, all terrain obstacles etc etc. I saved a necessary frequencies to my radio and printed it too with phone contacts to nearest airports or people.
    Spare clothes and shoes, good knife, two lighters, 2L of water, some bisquits or not quickly perishable food. A payment card and some cash. Tent (small 2 pers), inflatable mattress, sleeping bag. One liter of engine oil, spare spark plugs, drilling pins and ropes for wing, cover for trike, basic power tools.
    If I fly alone my trike looks like this:
    With my father as navigator we flew with:

  • RizzyWizzy

    Thanks Jozinko, that is very helpful :)