Trike Flying to Ski Resort Sunpeaks, BC. Oct 8, 2014

It was my true first cross country mountain flying through potentially very hostile and quickly changing weather conditions. The weather was perfect, but still with occasional heavy turbulence. Eventually I enjoyed those challenging flying conditions and even sought some thermals under mountain clouds. I gained a lot of confidence. I had to repeat this experience the next day with flying another mountain cross country.


  • Jannadem

    I would appreciate any comment related to this video, please.

  • av8or

    Hi Jannadem, would love to view the video as my daughter worked at Sun Peaks for 3 seasons before returning home to Aus.  Do you have a highlights package shorter than the 17 minutes that this video runs as I don't have the bandwidth or the download left to view this version. I may have another birthday before it loads. Rgds