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  • Trike Flying to Ski Resort Sunpeaks, BC. Oct 8, 2014

    It was my true first cross country mountain flying through potentially very hostile and quickly changing...d to repeat this experience the next day with flying another mountain cross country.

  • Biggenden XC

    A short cross country flight to a new destination for me. Taking in the sights.

  • Landing at Southerland Strip

    Cross Country flying with CFI Buddy Babcock and a bunch of Florida Trikers.


    YFT team enjoys a Sunday morning flight from Yarrawonga to Tocumwal for a great breakfast put on by the local Aero Club, using the occasion as a Cross Country Nav exercise for Noel and Ian.

  • Toucan't fly!

    A 409 mile cross country flight cut short. Half way into this journey, a forced landing meant the Toucans could no longer fly - for a little while at least. As a result, only half of this video has actual flying. ToucanDrive hire cars though!

  • Marcy Field

    Just outside Lake Placid, in Upstate New York. Marcy Field. Great little airport! I do my cross country pulling a trailer with the trike, a roof top tent, kayaks, etc.

  • Cross Country flight

    I flew to Nitra airport for trike instructor and his student and made him a final theoretical and practical exam for pilot licence. BTW new Apollo TL wing was really horribly in thermal weather... Next we all - 4 trikes - flew to Prusy airport for a goulash party.

  • first engine running

    I hope I finished today... On next veekend we will have the Aeromeeting near Myjava city. Im happy because it will my first cross country flight in present year. It will my first flight... :) I checked oil, petrol, warming engine, checked radio and intercom. Im ready!

  • MICROLIGHT FLIGHTS: Three Coffee Deparados - A Slice of Paradise - Good Dam Fun. A series of three epic episodes takes us to scenic country with friends having too muc...   Then it's on to get a coffee somewhere. If you like cross country adventure flying please check...

  • Beautiful lakes and Shore by Ultralight Trike - Olympic Peninsula

    Cross country flight from Sequim Valley Airport to Sekiu Airport. I flew over Crescent Lake and beautiful shore of the peninsula en route. It was about 70 miles, 1hour 10 minutes flight.