Many Australia wide.


By Hedgeview Comments (6)

YFT team enjoys a Sunday morning flight from Yarrawonga to Tocumwal for a great breakfast put on by the local Aero Club, using the occasion as a Cross Country Nav exercise for Noel and Ian.


  • Jozinko

    Great trip! Congrat to Noel and Ian!

  • wefly

    That was fun.. good one Noel & Ian..! So good to see my Tanarg out flying the sky with a very happy pilot. So wish I was with you all.. Thanks for a great video and well done too!

  • YFT

    Hi Hedgeview, That was great. Well done.


  • crayonbox

    Hedge, nice, interesting video.  And I thought the vertical shots were just arty :-)  

  • Noel C

    Thanks Hedgeview.

    Thanks for putting my ugle mug up there for the world to see.  I am grateful you were standing next to me.....didnt make me look so bad!.  Seriously though thanks for putting the film together and your direction and advice from the back seat on the day.  Thanks to the comments from all the other pilots out there. 

    The training is progressing well under the very competent tutoring of YFT and I am enjoying every bit of it.

  • Aussie quikr

    Well done Hedgeview.

    I agree with Noel, I look terrible also, as if I only had a couple of hours sleep!!!.

    I enjoy your video's of your adventures here and on the Southern Microlight Club website, always humorous, love the pork line with Ken!.

    It was a great day and the video you took, along with Peters photos help show the experience.

    Look  forward to catching up in a fortnights time to continue the journey.

    Regards Aussie QuikR