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Toucan't fly!

By ToucanFly

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A 409 mile cross country flight cut short. Half way into this journey, a forced landing meant the Toucans could no longer fly - for a little while at least. As a result, only half of this video has actual flying. ToucanDrive hire cars though!


  • av8or

    We'll done Toucans, another amazing adventure. Dare I say an airborne version of the Leyland Brothers.

    Certainly brightened up my day, thanks boys

  • Bill Pilgrim

    Now that's entertainment. 

    Well done guys, both the flying and the Video were/are excellent

  • Tussock

    Great video, real entertainment!  Tempting to make a Pythonesque joke about the parrot not being dead....


  • Heather

    Oh, man. I'd love to fly with you guys.

  • Noel C

    Nice one Gentlemen,

    Loved it.  Your usual mix of great scenery, fun flying, fun factor (minus the outlanding) and a great human element.  Happy 87th Mr Toucan senior.

    Condolences to the poor parrot. Actually I don't think that parrot was actually dead, it was just a "Norwegian Blue" having a kip.

  • Jozinko

    Amazing adventure and amazing video Toucan Brothers! Your recognition was beautiful! Your second job can be the Actors :) I love your videos, because you can show us not a video only, but your big heart, good mood and enthusiasm too. btw could you to safe the parrot? I mean a kiss of life or heart massage? :)))

  • Ken

    Really entertaining adventure!

  • wefly

    WOW... Lightning Ridge pilots rock.. true Aussie trike spirit...

    Been there done it, but you really gave us a triking story with perfect editorial artistry.

    Enjoy, Live, Fly and tell a gr8t story of Adventure.. you did it. Thanks a flying bunch.






  • Hedgeview

    Excellent movie lads.  Great editing as usual.  Apart from the 'afor mentioned "dead parrot" scenario, you will be aware it is an offence to kill or maim wildlife.  The authorities have no doubt viewed the video and are currently tracking you down.  My advice!  Always carry an axe to properly euthenase your victim, and then dig a deep hole.

  • Bill Pilgrim

    Seriously Hedgeview, it was clearly a case of suicide........

  • YFT

    Another great movie Toucans, and thanks for the photos of the Hangar at Mildura.

  • ToucanFly

    Really pleased you all enjoyed the Toucan't Fly! movie. Never been compared to the Leyland Brothers before. Not sure if that is a compliment or not. (I'll ask them!)

    A big thank you to those who expressed their concern about the parrot. Hedgeview, we will have to carry an axe as it may well have been a "Norwegian Blue" having a kip.

    Jozinko. I agree that Toucan Roy could have a second job as an actor. He always acting like a fool/idiot/child most of the time.

    YFT. The panorama photo is actually only have the photo as the photo printer couldn't print it any wider/longer. Will try and get the full width somewhere else.

    We're both looking forward to another XC trip soon. Hopefully it will be a lot less exciting. And yes, we are going to try and finish the Moruya to Lightning Ridge trip in full flight some time again soon. Dad turns 88 soon! (we think.....)

  • Doug Smith

    Thank you for the Vid. It's nice to see your country. 

  • Bumble Bee

    Hi toucan,s

    very nice love the video I needed to Bee there with you


  • Noel C

    Hello Toucans,

    I have to say you have one up on the Leyland brothers.......literally one up as it is now only "The Leyland Brother".

    If you keep doing props like the Leyland Brothers used to do "Diffs" on their trips (almost every episode) then I will start getting suspicious that you are staging this to add a sense of excitement to your videos.  (especially if you keep producing the same parrot)

    Thanks again for the great video