Landing at Southerland Strip

By FunFactor Comments (4)

Cross Country flying with CFI Buddy Babcock and a bunch of Florida Trikers.


  • XC Triker

    Nice vid Fun Factor, great colors.  Best part was Gyro buzzing past at end!  ;) Looks like Ken's wing (an iXess 15).  Hey, I've never seen training bars like that- looks like they have a single point attachment (just at the base tube, not at the downtubes)-  can you post a close-up of them and their attachment?

    Hey, if you rotated your wing camera slightly forward we could see where you're headed better (I kept wanting to see more runway as you were coming up on it-  What's he buzzing?!).  Then you wouldn't be in the center anymore, but still very visible in the left third of the frame-- just my thoughts on enjoying your vid.

  • FunFactor

    Hi XC,

    I'll get a picture for you of the training bars and connection point for you. Thanks for the tip on angling the camera, I'll do that on the next flight.


  • Ken

    Those are cool training bars to be sure. @XCtriker - isn't  that the GT we saw at Wallaby? Pretty sure I saw Buddy doing the tundra upgrade on Facebook.

  • Jozinko

    Nice vid! The pictures are interested me too :)