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Cross Country flight

By Jozinko

Categories: Cross Country / XC, Video

Comments (6)

I flew to Nitra airport for trike instructor and his student and made him a final theoretical and practical exam for pilot licence. BTW new Apollo TL wing was really horribly in thermal weather... Next we all - 4 trikes - flew to Prusy airport for a goulash party.


  • Happy Triker

    You have very beautiful country to fly !! How horribly does TL handle thermals ?

    BTW, I like your "Kamikaze" flight suit.

  • Jozinko

    Thank you, Slovakia is really nice country side. That codename gave me a military tower operator a lot of years ago, when I made very very closed flight  by their tower :)

    About the wing. I landed there about 1.00pm and the student asked me: Can we made practical exam some hours later? No, you must to know to fly every time. Next I was very happy, when we definitly landed. It was very unstable. For each second he must did contra. He was tired like he did by a pickaxe. But in the evening it was nice stabil wing. He has it new then i told him, it is dangerous and he should to complain to Apollo factory. I dont like Apollo wings, because only 1 from 7 is really good. This is my experience. I flew 7 Apollo wings. And this TL was the worst.

  • Happy Triker

    I flew TL only few time, lon time ago. I remember it had very heavy bar pressure. We call it "Truck wing".


  • Jozinko

    First time I flew TL wing at Yarrawonga this year. I remember I told to YFT it is hard to manage it... but its very stabil.

  • Rick D

    Joz, you just had too much fun for one day! Thanks for a great video!

  • Jozinko

    Yea Rick. The most fun was at the end of that flight. My head temperature increased after max value and I decided for safety landing. Fortunately all problem was broken cable for sensor. My safety landing place you can to see at 0:48. Its a green place in the middle of the picture. BTW a large brown place on the right side is a training military air shooting place.