15 Mission Complete- 48 States in 33 days -- Ultra Long Distance Cross Country Trike Flying

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Craig landed at Lodi just less than 2 hours ago. A big group of pilots is here to congratulate him. We went out to breakfast and are getting his stories.

48 states in 33 days!!!!!



  • Ken

    I think he just did the Grand Canyon Last month!

  • XC Triker

    I believe he's prepping his trike for Europe and possibly Africa.

       Meanwhile I'm brewing a plan to circumnavigate Australia  (and announcing it now- so I "have to" do it)

              Been done before--- BUT NOT by ME ! :)     Henry's in, and probably Jagsy.  We'll need to enlist Chris Brandon's help, and etc.  I figure it will be about 2 years in the planning from now.