5 Navigation & Weather Equipment (It's thunderstorm time)

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on Navigation & Weather Equipment (It's thunderstorm time):

On Jun 18th, 2012, at ~12:00 PM, David wrote:

Hey Craig,

How's the iFly 700 working for you? Does it give you the real-time weather / ADS-B? If not, what are you using for realtime weather?

I probably need to upgrade soon. Leaning toward an iPad solution with ADS-B, but ....

How's Kansas?

Hey David,

I love my iFly 720. I have the 720 mounted in my lap, off of the keel
and the iPad is mounted on the panel and both are ADS-B capable.
Before this trip I definitely would have said get the 720 before the
iPad in the trike environment. Now I'm not so sure. I would probably
still take the 720 if I could only have one. The disadvantages of the
iPad are the size and the sunlight readability...the advantage is the
tremendous capability. The advantages of the 720 are it's size,
readability, a great GPS, moving map and airport information.

I didn't have time to hook up the ABS-B receiver before leaving,
brought it and I haven't done it yet. It would have been nice a couple
times but not really necessary. As it is, I have too much crap and
too many wires on my trike. I admit to loving all of that tech stuff
and sometimes it gets in the way.

To which I replied .......

Holy Crap dude!!! Both!!!! and our Enigmas!!?? and my Garmin 396?

I'm only getting one [iPad or iFly 7xx] (unless there's a real good reason to have both). Plus my iPhone??!!! What if you need to emergency message someone? Ok, no way, I can't have all three in there, too much, too many wires / connections.

Besides sun readablity, what's wrong with just an iPad instead of my eReader? [Note I bought the Sony eReader from Craig, it is loaded with a nice A/FD, maps and info, very sunlight readable, you can put in your own notations / drawings and it uses almost no battery. I have an iPad 1, but the sunlight issue has prevented me from deploying it, though the software available is REALLY sweet.]

After hearing your battles with thunderstorms, it seems the best part of those things is the real-time weather-- and ADS-B is a heck of a lot cheaper (than WX Satellite)

How am I going wrong here?



Waiting for Craig's report from the field