8 Williamsburg headed towards NYC to hook up with Barry M.

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Before I back fill you in on Craig's adventures so far, here's a recent report:

From John Williams:
Craig and I departed Williamsburg (KJGG) headed towards NYC to hook up with Barry M. We had a nice flight up the coast. Craig did a landing (or touch & go) in Maryland and Delaware on the way up to NJ. We took a break and topped off on fuel in Ocean City, NJ. We were about 1 hour south of our planned meeting point with Barry, at Lakewood, NJ. Craig and I beat Barry to Lakewood by well over an hour. We landed in fairly gusty conditions.

Barry arrived a little over an hour later, in continued gusty conditions. After getting Barry parked and out of his Revo, all he could say was: "It was the worst trip ever coming down the Hudson". Barry was pretty emphatic that it just wasn't any fun.

That kind of killed any thoughts of trying to press on into the late afternoon. I kind of wanted to wait till 6 pm and give it a try. Craig wanted decent conditions. I don't blame him. After flying all the way across the USA and up the coast to just south of NYC, Craig deserves a decent flight through one of the more spectacular places in which a pilot can fly VFR.

After a discussion about how to secure the 3 trikes, how to get a car, where to find a hotel, where to eat, etc.; I thought about it for a few minutes and made a decision to fly home to Virginia. While I did have time available and could have stayed, for some reason, I felt the urge to go home, so I did. Three hours later, I was at my home airport and 20 minutes after that, I was eating dinner with my wife and petting my dog.

I told Barry that I would come up when I had a week to play around in NY and in New England. Craig is on his mission. If he has good weather, he wants to keep pressing forward.

All in all, it was truly an honor to fly with Craig. I think he ranks right up there at the top of the list of X-country adventurers. Barry is no slouch, he's done some pretty adventurous flights, solo and with a friend.

Thanks, David, for all your efforts to get Craig hooked up with me and with Barry. It was a pleasure to host Craig at our house and at our airport. We enjoyed an hour's pleasure flight around my local area; Craig was gracious enough to slow down for a moment and smell the roses.

If you come out to the East coast, plan to visit us in Williamsburg,



And this:

Barry said that they got up @ 4 am, got to the airport, did their preparations, and took off. Barry said it turned out to be perfect timing, and perfect conditions. (Looks like I bailed too soon). Barry said that just as they entered the Hudson Corridor, one plane exited, and for the remainder of the trip, they had no company from other planes. They were able to circle the "Lady" twice. After exiting the north end, I guess they flew to Barry's home airport?? (Not sure of where they stopped.). Barry suggested breakfast, but Craig said: I feel the urge to capitalize on good flying weather. So, Craig took off for Rhode Island. We had previously discussed that the weather in New England on Monday might turn ugly.

I left Craig a voice message, but have not heard from him. After flying with Craig, it would not surprise me if he touched down in RI, Mass, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Craig has a fast trike, he is on a mission, and is quite focused on accomplishing his goal. Craig is very independent and capable. I enjoyed flying with Craig and having Craig as a guest in our home.



  • RizzyWizzy

    Doesn't Barry fly a Monsoon? BTW, another great story. I spoke to Barry when I was in New York 8 months ago or so, he is a very nice fellow with His New York accent, he told me all the different stories about his childhood and growing up in State Island (If I remember correctly).