6 an Earlier Report: Catching up with Craig:

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Posted June 25, 2012 but referring to days earlier

Catching up with Craig:

Several days ago I was down in Florida when my radio went out.
Patched things up temporarily as best I could and flew out with the
Icom hand held sitting in my lap. It worked OK but this is not how I
wanted to fly another 6000 miles. Had to set down due to turbulence
south of Atlanta at Lagrange-Callaway AP and made arrangements to meet
Trevor NE of Atlanta at 19A AP at 8 PM that evening after the air had
quieted down a bit.

Don't know if it was my normal spaciness or the fact I was tired but I
flew to 18A Franklin, which is about 20miles from 19A. Trevor called
to say he was running a little late and I replied, "Don't worry, I
bought gas already, found the code to the pilots lounge and I'm amazed
at how nice it is here. In fact, I'll take a shower now, before you
get here." A half hour later Trevor called and said, "Where are you?
What airport did you land at and we don't have a shower in our pilot

Well, we finally figured out where I had made my wrong turn and I
decided to stay. Did my laundry and pretty much at that time, Mike
and James, two local pilots drove up to the pilots lounge. They were
most gracious and were curious about my trike and the trip. We had fun
while they showed me each of their vintage Beech Bonanzas, both just
beauties. Afterwards we chatted for awhile in the pilots lounge and
they didn't seem to mind my underwear drying on the chairs. There
really is something to this gracious Southern warmth and hospitality
and they couldn't have been more welcoming.

The next day I got an early start and flew through SC and NC and
landed at Dare AP, right next to First Flight (KFFA). Rented at car
and did a tour of the museum at First Flight and stayed in a motel
right on the beach. The outer banks are just gorgeous and I've never
seen anything quite like it. This is a popular tourist destination in
this area and the humidity was high, high, high. The young women still
sunbathe in their mini-bikinis. Very nice for me, who somewhere along
the line turned into a dirty old man. Had to laugh at myself though
as I couldn't help but think they need to cover up because they'll
regret it due to wrinkles and skin cancer down the road. I've been in
California too long!

Mike and James: [my SPOT ] batteries went out (I hope)
yesterday afternoon, I'm actually up in Maine today, waiting for some
weather to pass.

Will continue later.