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    Trike Flown: AirCreation Tanarg, Northwing Apache, Apollo Monsoon, Air Creation Clipper, Part 103 home built, Rev, MTO Gyro, Cavalon

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    About me: ...nd we like everybody and therefore we can't "friend" members individually.   We're so happy that everybody is enjoying and it is growing so quickly.  We have big thin...

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  • Comment on "New Gibbo Wing Mako 15 RST" anyone on this site that has flown the new Gibbo Mako 15 wing. I have heard great things about this wing's performance. But I was...k to someone who has the first hand experience of flying this wing. Finally I am in a posit...

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    Hi joz, sad to lose a friend , at anytime. Without wing reminds me of trying my ultrahight without it's wing. The acceleration was unbelievable! It reached 70mph in a very short space on grass! With the wing on it was 50mph, max. Yeah, that wing really slows you down!( but helps when you fly!)

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  • New altitude record in electric trike!

    ...record. Flying an ultralight trike, a custom combination of a North Wing Stratus wing matched to an electric-powere...oal,” Davis said with a slight chuckle in a telephone interview following his flight. ......

  • STOL Tips: Going around

    Pretty good writeup with video - see bottom of page on going around in STOL/Back coutry situations. 4 Types of maneuvers are described for common situations. Put yourself in a trike instead of a fixed wing and see if this help you. Trikes are even mentioned here!!

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  • How to short pack a wing?

    Hi everyone, I bought a new wing and my 19 meter strut wing has to go. I wanted to know how do you short pack a wing. Has anyone short packed a 19 meter wing, how l...ot. Would that be a big enough crate for a 19 meter wing? If you have pictures that sh...

  • Wing Search

    ...young 15. Does anyone out there know of where a wing needs a home? I need single surface as I plan to store the wing on the mast folded back. I gadget under my butt but I need to know my wing over my head is 100%. I would...

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  • Advanced Triking - Above and beyond normal Flying

    Advanced Triking - Above and beyond normal Flying

    For all pilots who want to go above and beyond basic sport, private and CFI certificates to new levels of skill, precision and safety.


  • Trailering a strutted wing

    Just a collection of photos showing different options for trailering a strutted wing.

    Tags: wing, transport, trailer

  • Hang Point Trim Speed Adjustment

    I have an Airborne XT 912 with a Cruze wing.  I can move the heart bolt hangpoint to increase and decrease the trim speed.  I would like to move the hangpoint forward one hole to increase trim speed. I currently have a trim speed of ~50kts at 4000rpm.  I often find myself ho...

    Tags: speed, wing, trim, hangpoint, cruze, xt912

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