crayonboxAirborne XT912 Cruze and Streak III, Outback 582 Streak IIb

Dual 110+ Solo 150+ (as of 1-Sept-2013)

Hervey Bay YHBA, Maryborough YMYB, Pacific Haven YPAC, Childers YCDS, Tewnatin Noosa YNSH, Caloundra YCDR, Tangalooma YTGA, Watts Bridge YWSG, Biggenden YBIN, Caboolture YCAB, Gympie YGYM, Orchid Beach YOKB, Bundaberg YBUD, Gayndah YGAY, Monto YMTO, Kingaroy YKRY

Private: Nikenbah, Wanggoolba, Miramar(Takura), Lake Barambah, Susan River, The Dimonds (Bill Price)

Here is SkyVector showing some flying I have completed as of and including CrossCountry NAVs endorsement in March 2014.

Im still around :)

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Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone here at Alltrikes.  

I have had a very busy 2015 and will be back home finally today after a 2 week break away.  2015 has not seen me in the air too often due to work commitments and other interests, plus inconvenient weather when I had time to fly.  But hopefully I can sort that out this year.

So see you around in 2016.



  • Ken

    Good to see you back around Crayonbox! I know the feeling, temps have been below 0┬║C here lately :(

  • white eagle

    Hi crayonbox. Good to here from you . what ken below o celsius ,are you kidding thats cooking . When you go out in the night here you have to be careful not to breath in the cold when going out the door. Your nostrills stick closed? Really wish i could make the fly in down there.