crayonboxAirborne XT912 Cruze and Streak III, Outback 582 Streak IIb

Dual 110+ Solo 150+ (as of 1-Sept-2013)

Hervey Bay YHBA, Maryborough YMYB, Pacific Haven YPAC, Childers YCDS, Tewnatin Noosa YNSH, Caloundra YCDR, Tangalooma YTGA, Watts Bridge YWSG, Biggenden YBIN, Caboolture YCAB, Gympie YGYM, Orchid Beach YOKB, Bundaberg YBUD, Gayndah YGAY, Monto YMTO, Kingaroy YKRY

Private: Nikenbah, Wanggoolba, Miramar(Takura), Lake Barambah, Susan River, The Dimonds (Bill Price)

Here is SkyVector showing some flying I have completed as of and including CrossCountry NAVs endorsement in March 2014.

My Biggest Day Ever Day Trip.

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My most 1day epic flight trip to date.  I flew with some guys from my Aeroclub from Maryborough to Monto and return.  Aircraft.... 2x Cessnas, 1x Piper Bonanza, and me, in my Xt912.

I met friends there too, and took one for a scenic fly over Cania Gorge.  Very picturesque.

Total flying hours logged for the day 4.5hrs. And more than 200NM.,151.34326173956362&chart=301&zoom=6&plan=A.YB.YMYB:G.-25.23161144353188,152.28533937634185:A.YB.YMTO:G.-24.814534542245337,151.1450958459964:G.-24.63116433009386,150.96794130496963:A.YB.YMTO:G.-25.17921786176757,151.54609682258425:A.YB.YMYB


  • madmik

    What a great day out with a variety of aircraft.

    Well done in using the XC (Nav) endorsement. Looks like you're well along the preparation path for the June hunting trip. Remember the '7-P' rule: Prior preparation and planning prevents p*ss poor performance.

    Fly safe & have fun...


  • XC Triker

    That's really great Crayon Box!!  That's a long flight!!!   Thanks for the map as well.  I'm addicted to mapping, very fun.  We just landed in Broken Hill and will stay here for 2 days.  Internet connection seems more reliable so I will be ablet o post some good pics-- I got cut off last time, and wanted to post a bunch and tell the story.

    Looking forward to your pics CB and hopefully meeting you!!

  • crayonbox

    A video is coming of part of my flight shortly.  XC - I look forward to your Mega-experience pictures and updates too!