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Trike Modifications and Improvements

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Propeller test comparisons - are you paying too much?

By Ken Comments (2)

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The test flights using manifold pressure as the reference, gave incredibly equal results for all props – all within one knot of each other!   One knot is less than the tolerance of the measuring ability.
So effectively, each prop gave exactly the same speed for the same power setting!


  • XC Triker

    These are a great series Ken. Thank you!!  We need some triker opinions here !!  So basically, it looks like once any prop is pitched to the same bite (max RPM for that motor), the "Power" will be the same!?  That makes some sense BUT you certainly couldn't bolt a couple flat sticks on the hub and expect performance-  so there has to be some effect of good/optimized design-  no?

    Why is it generally acknowledged that the Q-Tip prop on the Tanarg ES (quiet version) is less efficient than the noisier Arplast prop on the standard Tanarg?  If they were pitched to the same bite, then they should be the same based on the above excellent, hard to refute, data?

    Here's some results from the Static Thrust Contest.  These were not standardized as Ken's results were however.

    I can't find now the article I read that discussed the trickle down to GA of all the research going back into good old propeller technology due to UAV/Drone development.  I did find this article though- discussing advances in propellers, especially silent technologies.  AND they mention "energy scavenging" systems to power the UAVs (including, get THIS Infrared photovoltaic cells for gather electrical power for UAVs at NIGHT !!!!!)


  • XC Triker

    UAVs / Drones lead to improvements in GA / Trike propeller market-- story HERE

    Hey @Yarraft, @Cburg,  what do you think?