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  • Jozinko added a video MalĂ˝ Dunaj
    We did a little scenic flight for Igor's friend.
  • Jozinko added a video Circuits
    Some circuits with Igor.
  • Jozinko commented on a video No Music! Same VIDEO!
    It reminds me a scene from Oct 2009. Im a second before landing and in the same time a PPG is landing from left side and my colleaguge with trike is landing from opposite... you can see it at the photo...
  • Larry Kaiser added a video No Music! Same VIDEO!
    For those of you that are not "Headbangers" like me, here is the same hang gliding video without the music. Only the wind and my vario telling me I am climbing! Notice the spot landing at the end (orange cone) and the paraglider that almost landed...
  • I got to go Hang Gliding this weekend and had a nice 40 minute soaring flight. If anyone wondered why I fly the Airborne Outback trike the way I do, this should clear that up! Flying from Marshall Peak in San Bernardino, Ca. Actually the shuttle van...
  • Jozinko posted on jeff trike's message board
    Hi Jeff, thats great! Thumbs up!
  • jeff trike posted on jeff trike's message board
    I am presenting at Oshkosh on Tuesday, Forum Stage 3, from 4pm to 5:15pm. The title of the talk is "The NM Backcountry in an Ultralight", which was shortened from "Exploring New Mexico's Backcountry in an Ultralight Trike". It will feature lots of...
  • Jozinko commented on a video Zuzana
    Thank you Dave. 
  • Dave G commented on a video Zuzana
    i think that you are a good promoter of the sport Jozzy......keep it up!
  • Larry Kaiser posted on Larry Kaiser's message board
    Guys and Girls, My wife is 2 months pregnant so I will miss this years Pacific Northwest Fly in. I don't think she could ride almost 2 days in the truck to get to Montana. Very sorry because I was really looking forward to meeting all of you....
  • white eagle posted on white eagle's message board
    You too ken. Iam excited need a brake .i look forward every year to seeing everyone come together not only to fly but to sit around the campfire and nemories are past flights. Hope karen is coming with you . My old band is coming and i think its...
  • Jozinko added a video Martin
    Some of Martin's landings before his final exams.
  • Ken posted on white eagle's message board
    I'll be up sometime Mid next week.. .With the trike this time :). Looking forward to seeing all of you.
  • Going to be good to see and fly with everyone. Getting close now and many are already on their way from about everywhere. The weather is looking better and remains cooler than the rest of the country. Dont forget to bring your swimming trunks as...
  • Jozinko added a video Emergency landings training
    These are the last Lubošs flights as a student. On Thursday 5th July he passed theoretical and practical exams for his pilot licence. 
  • Jozinko added a video Zuzana
    Zuzana wants to learn fly trike then I took her in my trike and did a short demo flight for her. It was her first flight on trike. 
  • white eagle posted on Ken's message board
    Hey ken lookin forward to seeing you in a week buddy. Should be alot of fun
  • Jozinko posted on Jozinko's message board
    Three students turned to pilots today. They made theoretical and practical exams. I am happy :)
  • Wow, this event keeps getting better all the time.........and a band too boot....YAH!