ModelNIKON D60
ISO Speed200
Focal Length140mm
Captured2020:05:03 14:27:32

Justin Flying His Trike ... finally

By Damien
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Justin Flying His Trike ... finally


  • Damien

    Justin went solo 2 years ago, bought this trike for a great deal but then took a job which put him on the road travelling and he never got to fly it. Anyways, now with all the COVID excitement he has some time and we finally got him flying his trike. Justin is 25 years old, really great to see a young chap in the sky.

  • Ken

    Good indeed. I fear that pricing has made this an old man's game. Good to see some young people taking to the sky!

  • Gilles

    Good on the young guy, nice to see new blood in this sport, Trikes have gotten expensive and a lot of young people end up doing other things vs trike flying...  fly lots and fly safe young guy