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  • 2004 SeaWing 582 amphib

    I'll know this amphib will be missed, but I can't fly the Tanarg and the Commander and keep the SeaWing too!  The engine is strong and trouble-free with 260 hours; the wing is strutted and has less than 50 hours.  Cruises at 43 mph and takeoff/landing is under 30mph.  Will consider...

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  • Lake Havasu City Trike gathering (and Balloon Festival!) 1-18-2013

    2013-01-18 to 2013-01-20  Lake Havasu City Trike Gathering (and Balloon Festival!). Trike get together is a separate entity, but coincides with the Havasu Balloon Festival. Contact Reb wallace for Hangar/Tie Down/Camping needs. Camping will be off airport.

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  • Polson, Mt. Fly-in Saturday Sept 7, 2013

    The Polson annual fly-in is Saturday Sept 7,2013 and kicks off with a pancake breakfast. It is only a one day event, but who says we can't stretch it out a bit and have a trike fly-in? The valley here is a spectacular place to fly, with beautiful scenic vistas and plenty of places to land ...

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  • Learning to Land - consistently!?

     I am looking for your assistance so PLEASE chime in if you have words of encouragement and wisdom. Today I left the field deflated and frustrated. I didn't solo. The weather was just right - but I wasn't. Now don't get me wrong - even though a lot of the disappointment ...

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  • Airborne Windsports Australia - Microlights

    Airborne Windsports Australia - Microlights

    Exchange your Airborne Microlight experiences, modifications, warnings, maintenance and any other ideas in this group. Manufacturer Website: Facebook:

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  • I am very close to Solo....

    Hi Everyone.  I wish to introduce myself.  My name is Stewart. I am in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.  I have been learning to fly since July and bought a used XT912 in September. It's yellow base with blue/white cruze wing. If you wish to follow my training blog, please refe...

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  • Transporting Your Trike

    IN the longer term I would like to travel to different regions to fly.  This will involve transporting a trike.  I was interested in photos of anyones method of transporting their trikes, whether it be by trailer(covered or exposed) from the simplist system to the more extravagant or...

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  • First Flight 2013

      It's a Virtual Round the World Fly-In!!!! Post one best shot (or movie) from your first flight of 2013 HERE   If the weather gets you down on 1/1/13 take a shot of you in your Hangar with your baby!        Or you in your hangover with you...

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  • Im' going to ...

    A huge C-5 cargo plane was sitting near where a trike was waiting to take off. The trike pilot got a little nervous because the military plane was closer than normal, and asked the tower to find out the intentions of the C-5. Before the tower could reply, a voice came over the radio as the C-5...

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  • Trike Flight in Turbulence

    Looks like it was filmed in Oz Henry had a good turbulence film somewhere too

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