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Transporting Your Trike

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IN the longer term I would like to travel to different regions to fly.  This will involve transporting a trike.  I was interested in photos of anyones method of transporting their trikes, whether it be by trailer(covered or exposed) from the simplist system to the more extravagant or by other methods such as on the back of a utility or even in the rear of an RV (caravan in australia).



  • wefly

    Hey Noel.. your Tanarg has travelled many safe and smooth journeys in my Ultimate Off-Road Trailor.

    Not sure how this will work on Alltrikes.. here is the link:

    Destination Fun is a video of some four years and many other efforts to create the ultimate trike trailor.!

    Will post a few photos soon.

    Smooth flights mate.

  • Jozinko

    Wow, Wefly, its really nice trailor!

    I have a simply, open. My father and me rebuilded ordinary trailor and made some things then I can to sevre it alone. My wing I transporting to my trailor too. here is a link:

  • white eagle

    Very very nice wefly loved the video presentation.trailer is awesome and the photos of austraila should be youre camera takes such crisp know all the time i saw youre avitar i didnt connect with. It till i saw the bumper sticker. We. Fly..duh. i found a old jet ski trailor and have been welding it to fit my trike.allthough my welding leaves alot to be desired.just curious what are you flying now that you sold that beuitiful tenarg to noel

  • XC Triker

    That is one of THE coolest trailers WeFly (nice pics of yours too Jozinko).  Hey Noel, I've got a big trailer, but I really like just flying the trike there direct.  I flew 1800 miles to Idaho and back last summer (this time I towed up and back to Idaho & Glacier Park)--  I liked flying there and back better. ;)

    I'll fly it down to El Mirage at the end of this month & Salton Sea in February-- Janet will drive the RV down later.  Saves wear and tear on the trike and wing, time and is way more fun!

  • XC Triker

    The conundrum or vicious cycle of the Trike and Trailer TRAP !    Has this happened to you?

    I've noticed this weird phenomenon on trikes and trailers:

    • You're not sure you can afford a big XC trike--  BUT you manage to barely afford one anyway-  Woo Hoo!!!!  You'll be flying big distance now!!!  *1
    • You start flying longer distances to fly-ins etc, and think it would be nice to tow / have an RV and all your stuff with you
    • Your nice trike really shouldn't tow out in the open for thousands of miles, getting hit by rocks thrown by the tow vehicle, the sun, weather, thieves/vandals, lookie-loos, etc.  A cover will just flap and abrade the paint--  better get an enclosed trailer.
    • Enclosed trailer big enough for your stuff and the wing is not only going to be expensive, but also heavy (not wefly's though it looks light-  but damn where do you get another trailer like that)
    • The extra weight is now too much for your current tow vehicle-- need more powerful / bigger tow vehicle / RV.
    • Wife won't drive big RV (mine will, but I know of very few women who will).  Now YOU have to drive rather than fly, even if the fly in is only 50miles away.
    • Wait!!!!  This was supposed to be about simple flying in affordable aircraft.  It is now no longer that affordable (new tow vehicle / RV, New Big Trailer, Set of tools / equipt for trailer, etc), and you now can't fly it anywhere because you have to drive big expensive gas guzzling tow vehicle and trailer-- Oh, and pack it in and out at each end, and this big nice protective enclosed trailer actually causes more wear on your beautiful nice dream trike you struggled and scrimped and weren't sure you could afford in the first place.

    I did that!  I've had another friend who did that and can't really fly long distance with me anymore (has to drive).  Now Ken is moving along that same path.  It certainly has it's allure (otherwise why would so many fall head long into that trap), but I'm trying to get back as much as possible to treating my big trike like a cruiser motorcycle (which is what it is-- it's a Goldwing of the sky *2) and packing it up for personal or group XC just like I would go on a motorcycle trip.  Pack your friends, pack your trike and go simply- just you the trike and the sky-- wherever you land, that's where you'll sleep (best is arranging friends along the way)--  getting back to what the whole dream was about in the first place !!! ;)

    Now who's going to go get those Oysters up in Arcata with me?  (Ken is your trike ready yet!!!!!????)


    Footnotes: *1  Blasting for long distances in a big trike is not the same or better or even equal to super low and slow, nearly hovering over beautiful details of nature in a single surface light trike.

                     *2 A "Goldwing" may be big, flashy looking, & have cool XC gadgets, but it's purpose built for flying past local stuff and expensive.  It is NOT the top of the trike food chain though!!  On the other end of the spectrum is a light dirt bike of a trike-- easy, fun, super off road.  These trikes are purpose built for different worlds- none is "BEST."   Unfortunately, there's factions out there trying to push people into big heavy fast trikes with little wings and huge motors to keep them in the sky (as if trikes are fast anyway!?  They'll always be slow, that's the point!  Wanna, brag to be the fastest turtle in the forest (airport)? ).  Some people are getting more than their feelings hurt.   That's not me, don't construe my ravings about XC to say that low & slow is not AWESOME-  every trike has it's beauty and purpose.  Choose yours wisely.  I love XC, but a good day soaring is way better!!


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  • white eagle

    Yup i agree xc every trike has its qualities .i havnt been able to enter the xc realm yet- doesnt mean I dont want to.  But i personally like traveling light and roughing it. hauling heavy shit just way to complicated for me. If i had a Tanarg or xt airborne i would rather fly to my destinations.. i dont really care how fast i get there but more the scenic view from cloud base and i cant think of what else would give me that option other than a trike. Or evolve some bird wings quickly.

  • Noel C

    Thanks to all for their feedback, both practical and philosphical.  

    Thanks Jozinko.....what would we do without our fathers to help with these projects.  Your looks like a great trailer.  It is very practical and easy to manage.

    WeFly - I have seen your video and yours is the rolls royce of trailers and definitely built for that true outback travelling.  Will you be bringing the trailer down when you visit YFT later in the month?.

    I have a small camper trailer and are thinking about setting up a system for the trike to sit on the back of a utility vehicle (commonly referred to as a "Ute" in australia, a "pickup truck" in the US I believe.

    I would like to keep it reasonably simple but would like the flexibility of flying versus transporting.

    Keep the pics coming.  I appreciate it

  • Ken

    Hi Noel - XC had some really good points. Constant trailer upgrades can be like an arms race, bigger trailer to bigger truck, RV is too small, now you need a rolling Mansion. Some folks have a hangar, I don't, so an enclosed trailer would empty my garage and serve as a mobile hangar, but at the same time fill the driveway. I opted for something small, light and affordable for my Tanarg. Gets me to the airport and the drylake with little effort. I'm leaning toward flying more places, but also want to bring the trike on extended camping trips. Not sure the open trailer would be best for the long haul without a bra for the trike, then there is security to worry about when you stop in to walmart (lol unlikely), or go to the museum for the day. If I fly then my wife is stuck doing the driving and that isn't likely to last long.  Not sure there is a perfect solution even for one person, just best to balance my current needs with what I can afford to do. Would I like a bigger trailer? RV? Truck? sometimes yes, sometimes no.

    Here is a photo album of some trailer options that I and my friends have used. All have pros and cons, but hopefully they will give you some ideas.

  • Noel C

    Hello Ken,

    Thanks for the albumn of pics.  Great to see alternatives.  Lots of people with good ideas.  I appreciate XC's comments.  It rings true for many recreational pursuits as to what point you draw the line on expense and complexity.  

  • trikepilot

    XC Triker treats his trike like a gold wing. I treat mine like a dirt bike. I have spent 30 years loading the bikes up in the truck, heading to the mountains or the desert, ripping the terrain and myself a new one, then heading back home after a weekend of fun. I still take the bikes. Now I just add the trike to the mix too. Fly in the morning, tie down the trike, ride all day, then fly again in the evening.

    Different strokes for different folks. Just find a few guys who like the same thing you do and you will have a blast. I also never had a problem getting someone to drive my MH to the camping area if I wanted to fly there direct. I just owed them a ride or two that weekend.