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  • My Sunday Flight

    Got a chance at some great air on Sunday, and found a perfect way to end the long Thanksgiving weekend.  Two trikes departed the Eldorado dry lake around 9 am and got up into perfectly smooth air. Since we had such nice conditions we decided to head for the Highland Range (aka the fingers...

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  • Equipment Photos

    I plan to put various Trike Tech photos, & misc in this album   Starting with the cool handle grips Ken gave to me!!!

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  • Vendor Guidelines-- Manufacturers, Instructors, Importers, etc

    AllTrikes was dreamed up by a bunch of trikers who wanted to see a site where everything could be discussed peacefully and all information could be found.  For this reason, we created private areas to maturely discuss accidents, and have instituted a democratic moderation policy (where ev...


  • Trike Wizzards and the Adventures of AllTrikes

    AllTrikes is proud to present an exclusive cartoon series created by our resident artist & triker David Coy especially for This is the premier of the first series of a semi-weekly cartoon series all about triking. Enjoy and Happy Holidays,     from David C...



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  • Another new product from Air Creation- The Pixel

    Another new product from Air Creation by rouffignac The annual microlight show at the beginning of September is the place where Air Creation choose to announce new product. This year was no exception. The Pixel is a single seat, lightweight (90kg) trike with a new 13 square meter wing...

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  • Part 103 & Soaring Trikes-- What's available

    Let's have a group effort to list out what is available in 103 & Soaring trikes.  Help fill in the blanks / ?? too You can use this format to get you started (copy paste): Trike Name: [Photo] Click to enlarge   (Use "Embed Content"  or link to ...

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  • QuadFox

    Ben Ashman of FlyLight just uploaded a cool video of one of their FlyLight trikes with Fox wing. What I thought was really neat about this video was the use of a quad drone to capture rigging/derigging activities as well as flight from a different perspective. Hummmm that might be an idea for t...

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  • Skycycle

    Marks Skycycle with the wing carried low

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  • Father's Day Fly-in -Dillsburg, PA

    Annual fly-in event with many trike pilots participating. 

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