Ultralight or Part 103 trikes

Ultralight or Part 103 trikes

group is for discussion of part 103 trikes or flying part 103 trikes

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Ultralight or Part 103 trikes

Ultralight or Part 103 trikes

group is for discussion of part 103 trikes or flying part 103 trikes

Part 103 & Soaring Trikes-- What's available

Let's have a group effort to list out what is available in 103 & Soaring trikes.  Help fill in the blanks / ?? too

You can use this format to get you started (copy paste):

Trike Name:

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     Manufacturer / Country : 

     Weight (Carriage) xxx, Empty Weight (with wing) xx, Gross Weight: xxx

                        Capacity xxx (incl fuel, accessories, etc)

     Engines Available:

     Special Features:

     Guestimated Price:  $???

     Website:   http://www.northwing.com/atf-trike.htm


ATF (AirTimeFix) Trike:


North Wing Design ยท ATF trike.png Click to enlarge



     Manufacturer / Country:  Northwing,   USA

     Weight (Carriage) 102, Empty Weight (with wing) 186, Gross Weight: 550

     Weight 102, Empty Weight 186 (with wing?), Gross Weight: 550

                        Capacity 364 (incl fuel, accessories, etc)

     Engines Available:   Simonini Mini2 26HP,  MZ 34 30HP, Vittorazi 185  25HP

                                    Bailey V4-200 22HP (+$1200)

     Special Features:  Folds for transport

     Guestimated Price:  $???

     Website:   http://www.northwing.com/atf-trike.htm



solairus-trike2.jpg Click to enlarge

     Manufacturer / Country :  Northwing,   USA

     Weight (Carriage) with Bailey 114, Empty Weight (with Solairus wing) ??, Gross Weight: 320-490

                        Capacity: Up to ?? 292 ?? lbs (incl fuel, accessories, etc)

     Engines Available:  Polini THOR 100, Polini THOR 200, Bailey V4-200

     Special Features:  Sreamlined fairing

     Guestimated Price:  $20K to $23K

     Website:   http://www.northwing.com/solairus-trike.aspx



Polini THOR 100,     2 Stroke,      20.5 HP,      Pull-Start

Polini THOR 200,     2 Stroke,      29   HP,       Pull-Start, Optional Electric

Bailey V4-200,     ?? 4 Stroke       22 HP,         Electric Start

Simonini Mini2     ??? stroke        26 HP,          Electric Start

MZ 34                  ??? stroke         30 HP,         Pull-Start

Vittorazi 185       ?2 stroke          25 HP,         Pull-Start



Ultralight EnginesClick to enlarge


Engines 2.png Click to enlarge


  • ULtrikepilot

    Great idea XC!  You beat me to it as I had planned to start a listing.  So here goes with a few more.

    Trike Name:     Dragonfly or Motorfloater

    Dragonfly with Combat 12T wing

         Manufacturer / Country :    Flylight Airsports Ltd / UK

         Weight (Carriage):  Varies based on engine & configuration. but conforms to the sub 115kg SSDR (Single Seat

                                     DeRegulated) category of the UK, and the part 103 requirements in USA

        Wings Available:  Discus 15T, Discus 14T, Combat 12T, Fox 16T (all Aeros wings beefed up for light trikes).

         Engines Available:  Bailey V4200 4-St (22hp), 2-St: Simonini Mini 2 plus (26hp), Mini 3 (36hp), Pollini 250 (36hp)

         Special Features:  20L detachable fuel tank, removable fairings, retractable main landing gear

         Ballpark Price:   starting at £5515 (Motorfloater chassis + Simo), and 3530 Euros for Fox 16T wing, and up

         Website:  http://www.flylight.co.uk/flexwing/dragonfly.htm


    Trike Name:   Aeros Ant mini trike


         Manufacturer / Country :   Aeros  /  Ukraine

         Weight (Carriage) : 46.5kg with JPX M25 2-stroke (25hp) or Bailey V5 4-stroke (20hp)

         Payload:                up to 109kg including pilot, fuel, and accessories

         Engines Available:   see above

         Wings Available:     Discus 15T, Discus 14T, Combat 12T, Fox 16T

         Special Features:    Very portable, retractable landing gear, 18L tank, others

         Guestimated Price:  $???  (not sure if Ant trike has been imported into USA)

         Website:   http://www.aeros.com.ua/structure/nanotrikes/AnT_en.php


  • ULtrikepilot

    So here are a few more.  This will take a bit of time to list all that are commercially available but lets keep adding.

    Trike Name:     V-Lite


         Manufacturer / Country :   Airborne  /  Australia

         Empty Weight with F2T wing:  153 lbs     Gross or MTOW: 390 lbs

         Wings available:  Airborne F2T  (17.7M single surface)

         Engines Available:  Pollini Thor 100 (20.5hp)

         Special Features:  2.6gal (10L) tank, very foldable/portable. This nanolite was designed to conform with the

                                   Australian sub 70kg class.

         Export Price:  15,455  Aus $

         Website:    http://www.airborne.com.au/pages/ml_v-lite.php


    Trike Name:     T-Lite


         Manufacturer / Country :   Airborne  /  Australia

         Empty Weight with Core wing:  198 lbs     Gross or MTOW: 463 lbs

         Wings available:  Airborne Core wing  (15.6M double surface)

         Engines Available:  Bailey V4-200 4-stroke (22hp), electric start

         Special Features:  2.6gal (10L) tank, very foldable/portable. This nanolite was designed to conform with the

                                   US part 103 category.

         Export Price:  18,180  Aus $

         Website:    http://www.airborne.com.au/pages/ml_t-lite.php


  • XC Triker

    Awesome, ULT, I was going to add some more tonight, but got caught up with other stuff.  Really appreciate this-- it's awesome!

  • white eagle

    Very nice i like that dragon fly the all are very good trikes i am going to put up some on mike theakies sky cycle after my internet is installed on monday.soaring trikes will boom if they keep the cost down for the average guy!

  • Charlie P

    Flylight Airsports, makers of the Dragonfly, have a new light trike with no front strut. It looks very interesting. 

  • ULtrikepilot

    Hi Charlie,  Thanks a lot for pointing out that new option from Flylight.  Yes, I find it interesting as well.  It appears they are using a shortened strutt behind pilot probably for enough triangulation to create enough strength to eliminate front strut.  Another twist I really like is their use of the Pollini Thor 250 which is the newest 2-stroke in the Pollini Thor family.  Rated at 36hp it should provide incredible climb rates and STOL performance.  Water cooled too.  Here is another video Ben Ashman just posted that highlights both the Dragonlite and Dragonsight.  I think it is awesome that Flylight continues to introduce some new innovations.  all the best ...Joe

  • XC Triker

    Awesome!  See Chad's Trike Buggy's HERE  (The trike buggy is convertible between a trike configuration and Powered ParaChute PPC).

  • ULtrikepilot

    Trike Name:   Electraflyer trike

    ElectraFlyer Trike

    Manufacturer / Country :    Electric Aircraft Corporation / USA

         Weight (Carriage):  Trike with motor, controller and gauges, 86 lbs: largest battery pack (5.6kwh), 78 lbs

         Wings Available:  Sold with NW Stratus, presumably could use newest generation Solairus strutted wing

         Engines Available:  electric, low RPM, high torque unit. 26 pounds, 18HP 90% efficient at cruise

         Special Features:  3 battery pack sizes available but all custom LiPo

         Ballpark Price:   $9,900 for base trike with electric propulsion unit, prop but no batteries.  A la carte type

                                pricing is listed for different options so best to look at price list on their website.

         Website:  http://www.electraflyer.com/


    Trike Name:   ATOS trike (Silent Glider M, or Silent Flyer)

    Silent Glider M

    Currently not much information provided on ATOS (A.I.R) website but here are 2 websites to check out.




  • XC Triker

    The electriflyer is really the type of soaring trike I'm leaning toward !  Thanks ULT !  Hey @Knussear - did you notice how of all the things that they faired on the electrifier is the Main Mast?  They say that for every 18-24" of tubing that is faired, an extra 1mph of speed can be gained.



    The Silent Flyer is cool too, very sleek- really the way the technology for better soaring should go, but I just like the classic out in the air feel of a hang glider.

  • XC Triker

    Another Electric Soaring Trike:

    The Green 1 e-Glider from eUp Aviation- Canada


    More on it HERE and HERE


  • ULtrikepilot

    A couple more electric trikes from Europe.

    Trike Name:   Icaro 2000 Electric Pit-trike


    This trike can also be outfitted with the Bailey V3-180 4-stroke or the Simonini Mini 2 plus 2-stroke.  Designed to be very light and suitable with many HG wings.  Designed by Manfred Ruhmer.  Many options and more information including price lists can be found on their website.

    Website: http://www.icaro2000.com/Products/Trike/Trike.htm


    Trike Name:   ES-trike

    Again the ES-trike is available in electric motor or gas engine versions.  Very slick and designed to fly with ATOS wings but could use other wings.  They even show their electric trike aerotowing a HG so clearly their electric motor delivers significant thrust.  Best to see website for options.

    Website: http://www.flying-expert.com/es-Trike.html

  • white eagle

    this site just makes me drool  there is just so much good stuff on the market  i think iam still pretty partial to the dragonfly though. i dont know why but it just looks so smart in the air . iam sure all the others are great products and iam interested in the electrics but i feel they still have a ways to go.

  • ULtrikepilot

    So you thought we were done listing commercially available part 103 trikes? Definitely not!  Almost all options listed so far fit into the lower part of the weight range with larger wings so with lower wing loading they may be best soaring packages.  But there are more that are closer to the part 103 weight limit of 254 lbs that have engines with slightly more hp and smaller wings.  These options would tend to push toward the speed limits defined for 103 and would be better suited for XC flying with some sacrifice in soaring capability.

    Trike Name:   iFun Pixel


         Manufacturer / Country :  Air Creation  /  France

    Rather than list all the options here is a link to a pdf on the AC website that gives those details. There are 2 versions, the regular or classic and the XC which has a few more bells & whistles.  They are using the relatively new Pollini Thor 250 rated at 36hp and water cooled.  A 13M wing called the iFun 13 is only wing offered. It appears that this new trike from AC is to back fill for the Racer which they discontinued a while back after Rotax announced they would stop production of the 447 and 503.  Frankly, I wish I could check one out up close and even take it for a test spin. 

         Website:  http://www.aircreation.fr/en/catalog/ifun-pixel/ifun_pixel_478

  • ULtrikepilot

    Lets continue to fill out a more complete list of part 103 compliant trikes.  So here is my trike which is the NW Maverick.

    Trike Name:   Maverick 2

    Manufacturer / Country :  North Wing  /  USA

    The Maverick 2 is available as a basic stick trike called the Maverick 2 RT or with a nose pod and small wind shield (optionally with wheel pants) called the Maverick 2 Legend.  The chassis structure of this trike uses larger and heavier tubing than what is used on the ATF.  Various engine options are available.  Kawasaki 340, 440, and JCV-360.  Earlier the most common engine provided was the Rotax 447 and some have even used the 503.  Two primary wing options are available.  The Maverick III 14.9M (156 ft2) single surface or the Pacer XT 13M (140 ft2) which is 80% double surface.  Both are strutted and rated to a MAUW of 650 lbs.  A 5gal root tank and side saddle bags and behind seat bag are standard.  Many options such as tundra tires, various instruments, BRS, etc so refer to their website (below) if you wish to learn more.

    Website:  http://www.northwing.com/maverick-legend-trike.aspx

  • ULtrikepilot

    Almost forgot, here is another from Ace Aviation in the UK

    Trike Name:   Magic trike and Easy Riser


    Manufacturer / Country :  Ace Aviation & Engineering / British managed and made in India

    Many engine and wing options are offered for the Magic trike and Easy Riser.  Wings from the 11.5M Cyclone, 13M Laser, 14.5 Touch, to the 14.4M Spirit.  One of our own AT members, AceTrikesUSA will be selling a custom version for the USA market within a few weeks.  I am sure he will publicize his new website when he is ready.

    Website: http://www.aceaviation.co.uk/index_files/Page488.htm