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    One of the things I love about flying trikes is the airspeeds we are typically at a...18 pilot friend of mine says about our type of flying, "You guys fly for the fun of flying". Most other types are flying to get somewhere.

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    Hi Ken, That's my baby and I love flying her. Hegeview is flying TB13 and that's Pam in the back seat. I am flying an XT-912 with David my student in the front. You can see the GoPro camera on the training bar and that's what I took the other photos with.

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    Great video Rick. I love places where are you flying. They are incredible nice - rough, but nice. I love low flying, but usually Im flying at sufficient high. I love safe flying. But sometime I want to do some crazy and I do it... :)

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    Yes another great day for flying at YFT. Michael has returned to fly his Tanarg and that will be great. Only one day of rain and its back to sunny Yarrawonga. I hope everyones is getting a lot of flying in. We have two new students starting this week, so it full flying ahead at YFT.

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    Hi Dean, The speed range is certainly a terrific advantage for flying low and slow when doing local flying and fast when you want to put some miles between stops while flying cross country.  Wh...

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    ...ompliment. While I have learned a little about flying trikes there is so much more...he finger waggers don't see in most of the low flying video clips are the LZs that...dangerous to drive on any road these days than flying low.Yeah, I left the other si...

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    Thanks XC triker, without a doubt I had a blast flying my bird & while I was flying a red tailed hawk that was flying towards me, it  flew very close, probably 5 yards from my right wing. I wish I had a wing tip camera to catch that....ahh better luck next time.

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    ...bird, absolutely love it. Ttabs, you are funny, your low flying is amazing but for me with the limited experience of flying I have, this is fine for now...."he (TTABS) is going to say something about my low flying". :) XC, I will vote...

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    ...tamp of aproval on the nose. Last flight i had flying with tom and george breakin d...i was a drone and took a shot at me when i was flying low. But it looks like i need...ther by flying weather. Iam sooooo itchy to go flying.     

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    I had a great time flying around in formation.  Once I save some $'s get some more general flying hours up.....I'll be back...have advice on how to avoid arrest for illegal flying???...