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  • Not a lucky Pilot

      Vegas man crashes two planes at same airport one year apart

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  • Documented BRS save

      Optional safety equipment installed on an ultralight trike is being credited with saving the life of a veteran pilot who crashed into a South Surrey blueberry field Monday. “You invest in them and you hope you never use them,” Victor Okunev, co-owner of Open Ski...

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  • Film of Asiana Boeing 777 Crash at SFO on 7/6/13-- 43 hours in type

    "On Saturday, just before noon, an Asiana Airlines flight from Seoul hit the sea wall protecting San Francisco International Airport from the surrounding bay. The Korean pilot — trying to land a Boeing 777 for the first time at SFO, manually — had the plane flying too slow and too low. His appare...

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  • Glider Crash Finals

    I linked this video because it demonstrates nicely a wingtip stall, in a high rate turn, low level on finals. Don't get caught out like this. Very unforgiving. It is approaches like this that cause a lot of accidents because in the event of a stall or issue, there is no maneuvering altitude for...

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    this was todays F.U. i had flown, landed, decided i need even more fun, took off, drifted a coupla feet too far left, the wheel hit a berm and over we went. pilot error, no excuses. much destruction, wing, prop, forks, instr. housing, possible crank damage, they don't appreciate being stopped abr...

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  • Is it really landable #1 -- "Dry" lakebed?

    See @Jeff_Trike's spectacular trike XC adventure site for more.   Fear of doing this out in the middle of nowhere actually resulted in an "interesting" landing when I landed to give @Kim some of my gas one time.

    Tags: Dry Lake Bed, mud, muck, flipped, stuck, muddy, landable, soft, dry lake, Lake bed, salt flat, crash

  • Dead Stick Landing

    Gotta practice those dead stick landings, just in case...   Yes, I have one of the biggest landing fields right below me (I could land a C5 Galaxy here!) but it doesn't hurt to practice anyway. I did put my Cosmos Phase II down on a tiny dirt road by the train tracks years ago. Landing ...

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  • Incident Report

    Incident Report 20/02/2017 at 0845 hours.Yarrawonga Aerodrome YYWGMETAR:Wind 230 degreesWind speed 10kts on groundARFOR:Wind 2000 feet 260 degreesWind speed 20kts.Cloud NILTurbulence NILAircraft:Airborne XT-912 Outback with Cruze wing.Registration: 32-4882Flight crew:Student pilot: John Hancock.T...

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  • Landing during turbulence and Crash

    Glad it wasn't worst and there was people by the runway to help. I kept screaming go-around. At what point do you think he needed to make the go-around call?

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  • Watch out for low flying elk

    Authorities say a leaping elk brought down a research helicopter trying to capture the animal in the mountains of eastern Utah.

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