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    About me: ...y trike pilots for trike pilots (though we also like all light aircraft, in fact all aircraft), and we intend to make th...OWERFUL site for friendly, Trikes, Trike Flying, Trike Pilots, Weight Shift Control Aircraft, WSC, Lightsport, Ult...



  • WSC Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical knowledge

    ...vate pilots flying trikes and weight-shift control (WSC) light-sport aircraft (LSA). Written...ate. Subjects covered include aircraft structure, principles and aerodynamics of flight, flight controls, aircraft systems, flight in...flight manuals and documents, weight and balance, aircraft performa...

  • WSC Aircraft Flying Handbook

    FAA “Weight-Shift Control Flying Handbook” has more detailed and comprehensive information specifically on the trike.  This book is ground school for aeronautical knowledge plus the “Flight Training” book.

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  • Spitfire Omen

    Spitfire.. not trike related.. A mastepiece of aerodynamic engineering, the Spitfire aircraft was amongst the finest aircraft during the 2nd World War - MK...

  • New Formation

    Formation of Three... Wednesday afternoon was another formation training session with three aircraft trialling a new formation. The Reverse Vee. The three aircraft formation completed Head to H...

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  • landing almost fatal Transall C-160

    t's what you call real plane spotting! E...e within inches of death after military aircraft loses track Crowd watching 1000 final landing of military aircraft in Ballenstedt airfield in Sa...see the runway beginning of his cockpit Aircraft brought down a side street wh...

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    I know it's going to come out upside down again (I'll work it out one day) not Atlanta, this one has the control tower in it, should help

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  • Private Pilot License in Trike Flying

    Hi all I am curious about the benefits of doing a Private Pilot License for Weight Shift Control flying. It seems, it gives you the priviledges of Private...PPL -WSC? How many of you have done your Private Pilot with weight shift control...

  • Experimental Condition Inspection Class

    ...nbsp;        Weight shift 16 hr condition inspection cla...n inspection on your Light Sport Weight Shift Control Experimental Trike. At the en...our own Experimental Light Sport aircraft. This course applies to Experimental Light Sport Aircraft, not Special Light Sport Airc...

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  • Memorial Day Light Sport Aviation Rally

    Northwest Light Sport Events Western Sport Pilot, a chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association, has since tak...types of ultralight and light sport aircraf...t. These include powered parachutes, weight shift and airplanes.  The club ha...

  • Myrtle Creek Fly in pancake breakfast

    Fly in and Pancake Breakfast will be held at the Myrtle Creek Municip...served 8-11am. General aviation, experimental & ultra light aircraft available for up close viewing as well as remote control (RC) demonstrations, classic c...

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  • Advanced Triking - Above and beyond normal Flying

    Advanced Triking - Above and beyond normal Flying

    For all pilots who want to go above and beyond basic sport, private and CFI certificates to new levels of skill, precision and safety.
  • Trike Modifications and Improvements
    • open group
    • 27 members

    Trike Modifications and Improvements

    This is a group to discuss trike modificaitons and improvments that you have performed on your trike, or to find help on how to brainstorm and accomplish the mod you are trying to accomplish
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