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  • Marble Canyon Fly in 2010

    Trikes at Marble Canyon Fly-In on 10-10-10

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  • A Lovely Cruise

    Dave Myers and I visitied Daytona Beach, FL last Janaury, to enjoy some mid-70's temperatures while it was cold back home.  Thinking about doing it again this year!

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  • Mid-Atlantic XC trikers

    Anyone flying XC can count on an overnight hanger in NC when passing through.  Call Doug (336) 414-2522 or Todd (336) 558-6800

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  • Drift HD170

    I use the above to film and capture audio through my intercom.  I can turn it on/off record while flying via the remote.  I like that, plus the LED viewfinder lets me see the angle before departing (helpful, when you remove the camera for local shooting).  It also has a rotatable l...

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  • Airborne Cracking Problem Identified.

    Joe Swift  I just picked up this post from another trike site concerning a problem with a component that have been identified as having a cracking problem and I thought it important enough to pass it along to our members here who fly Airborne trikes with out delay. This post read...

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  • Flying High

    PBS footage

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  • Flying High

    PBS footage

    Tags: trikes, birds, migrations

  • Salton Sea Fly-In Feb 5-10: in the fat sweet air 200' below sea level Hosted by Paratoys

    This is mostly a Powered Parglider & Powered Parachute Event, but trikes are welcome. To Register with Paratoys go here: From their website description: "Smooth lake air, desert sun and ALL DAY FLYING at almost 200 feet below sea...

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  • Differences in Placarded Speeds / Stats between iXess 15M and Bionix 15M (almost all numbers reflect significant improvements)

    I always make a dash Placard for cardinal speeds and capacities for my trikes.  Recently I changed wings on my  Tanarg 80 HP 912 from an iXess 15M  to a BioniX 15M.  I made new dash placards and am trying to memorize the new numbers.  Almost all are improvements. ...

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  • Floatfest 2013

    Come enjoy the warmer temperatures this weekend in Eustis, Florida for the first Floatfest for trikes.  So far we have 2 Seawings, 3 Cygnets, 1 Searay, and 1 Buccaneer commited.  Lake Joanna is adjacent to the X55 airport, which is a 3000' grass strip. We'll have tiedowns...

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