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    Gibbo had a very serious power line accident back awhile ago (4-5 years) where his heart stopped while he was being treated in the hospital for his massive and critical injuries. The doctors decided to do an emergency open heart procedure on him...
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    I just learned that trike pioneer and topless wing builder Mark Gibson died this morning while flying his trike during an engine failure in the Houston area.  This is a cut and past from Facebook from Steve Burns: I don't put much on...
    • Leo

      Thank you for the link and the update Carl. Please give his family our condolences.

    • RizzyWizzy

      Thanks for the link. I never met Mark in person but spoke to him often. I am very sad at this loss. I can't even imagine what his family is going through. Mark was phenomenal at helping anyone. He was so upbeat and adventurous.Six months or so ago. Mark built me a wing. A beautiful 17 meter wing. Now that wing means even more to me. Wherever i fly, i will take with me the memory of a friend. i sure hope that God gives his family patience and strength.

    • Monty

      hey riz, has this loss been mentioned on the 'dark side'? i may have missed it, but i'm saddened to not read of this on that site, i almost bought one of 'gibbos' 103 trikes, i wish i had. rip. gibbo.

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    Thanks much was too long in coming BUT I am back now for sure and looking to have some fun doing it too! ;-D TBW
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    Yesterday was a very big day for me because I got to get back in my airplane and go flying again after a very long lay off due to health issues.  BUT the good news is that I got back in my airplane yesterday morning and went flying again. ...
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    Congratulations..........  :D!
    New Sport Pilot!
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    Hi Ken, Is this a new trim system available from Northwing or did you develope this youself?  And have you had the time to build up a little experience flying this new system to give us some feedback on how it is working for out you? TBW
    Upgraded trim system