Airborne Cracking Problem Identified.

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Joe Swift 

I just picked up this post from another trike site concerning a problem with a component that have been identified as having a cracking problem and I thought it important enough to pass it along to our members here who fly Airborne trikes with out delay. This post reads as follows:

Denny Reed
Denny Reed Attention AIRBORNE owners: I am relaying information that there has been one complete failure of a Prow Tube / Limiter Tube junction and another owner has discovered a crack in his. The factory is still closed this week so we're having hard time moving this information around the community. Please email me at or contact Gerry at Birds In Paradise for photos & instructions. Inspect your plane before flying.



  • Charlie P

    This may be a stupid question, but what is a prow tube /limiter tube? 


    Oops, maybe I should have posted a stupid question anonymously.  :-)

  • XC Triker

    Yeah, I didn't know either.  Front tube?

    Hey, I looked for an Airborne group here, there isn't one yet.  This is a great time for some airborne trikers here to start one.  That way, all members can be messaged at once with one post there and all Airborne news can be posted there.

    (BTW all devices, cars, computers, trikes, etc have watch items.  The company who doesn't post theirs publicly is the one to be concerned about (ie, we have never identified anything wrong with any of our trikes---  tells me they are: 1) not looking hard enough for their customers, or 2) being, less than forthcoming   )

  • TrikeBoyWonder

    I just emailed Denny asking for some pictures of the problem.  As soon as I have them I will post them for our Airborne trike flying members to see.

    XC Triker,

    I think the problem with this not getting out to the Airborne owners as of yet is that the problem has just recently been identified and the Airborne factory and offices there in OZ are still closed for the holiday season so no one is there to even get the information.  Airborne is a very well run  company where it concerns the safety of their products and the well being of their customers.

  • crayonbox

    Joe, Airborne group is now set up. 

  • crayonbox

    I'll be checking mine asap. The affected part is called the front fork carrier tube assembly.

    I have created a poll in the airborne trike group.  Please visit and answer. Thanks.

    This forum site may now have already saved lives!

  • Jannadem

    I own AirBorne Edge X, so I am very interested to learn about this problem. Could anybody be more descriptive, please? 

    Where is it? Wheels, main structure? Can someone post some pictures to show where it is on the trike, before showing detail? Pleaseees!

  • TrikeBoyWonder


    The part in question is located at the very front of the XT 912's frame that is located under the pod.  Here is a link to a pic:

    So far there are no concerns with the Airborne Edge X what so ever, so I wouldn't concern yourself about it effecting the integrity your trike.  Airborne is aware of this problem with the XT model trike and will be forthcoming shortly as to how they want to deal with this.  So far none of the Airborne trikes have been grounded by Airborne...the Edge X included.  If you are concerned, then by all means you should carefully check for any weld cracks on your front frame the next time you fly your bird.