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  • Cloud Dancer

    The incredible Mr. Bill on PPG at sunrise

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  • Sunburst

    Northwing Apache chasing the sun

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  • Hoover Dam

    Hoover dam from trike

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  • Cloud Sailor

    Northwing Apache sailing in the clouds

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  • Tethering!

    Just an update to safety. On my last flight I leared the value of tethering. I was shooting one handed, flying  with the other when my Iphone dropped as I pressed the shutter button! Luckily the phone was tethered. From the looks of the drop it would have just fallen to the earth but you nev...

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  • Christopher

    I am a 55 year old Financial Planner with a major insurance company in South Africa. I live in the beautiful town of Knysna in the Southern Cape on the Garden Route. Married to Anne-MariƩ and have two children whom are still draining our pockets although they are 26 and 27 respectively. I used t...

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  • Photos of Hervey Bay

    This collection is a frequently updating series of standout aerial photos of the city of Hervey Bay. Queensland, Australia.

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  • Storm Cloud Timelapse

    I have been wanting to fly this weekend. This timelapse explains why I didn't fly this afternoon. And this morning was awesome but I was busy. Yesterday as low cloud all day. I used a GoPro Black for this photography.

    Tags: storm, weather, cloud, timelapse, photography, gopro

  • Dangerous Weekend Bush Fire!!

    As seen from the air today.

    Tags: fire, emergency, aerial, photography, bush, evacuation

  • Ttabs in the news - Geology speaker presenting aerial photos of ice age flood features

    Looks like our own @Ttabs is in the news...   Contributed Ice age lecture   Central Washington University is hosting Tom Tabbert, who will be giving a presentation on the ice age floods with photos he took from his ultra light aircraft.  Posted: Saturday, May 2, 20...

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