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    2018-07-14 07:00:00 2018-07-21 08:00:00 2018 7th annual pacific north west trike fly in Its now confirmed and the dates are set.    This years pnw trike fly in will be held in stevensville montana. 29.8 miles south of missoula in the beautiful bitteroot valley. I can tell you as a montana native that this is just an absolutly beautiful place for a fly in.  Great green grassy meadows for that e/o option and much to do places to see . Skallako pass , lolo hot springs, fine resteraunts, river run through it views of the bitteroot river. And my ppg friend are aranging a... noreply YYYY-MM-DD

2018 7th annual pacific north west trike fly in

By white eagle
2018-07-14 07:00
2018-07-21 08:00

Its now confirmed and the dates are set.    This years pnw trike fly in will be held in stevensville montana. 29.8 miles south of missoula in the beautiful bitteroot valley. I can tell you as a montana native that this is just an absolutly beautiful place for a fly in.  Great green grassy meadows for that e/o option and much to do places to see . Skallako pass , lolo hot springs, fine resteraunts, river run through it views of the bitteroot river. And my ppg friend are aranging a few out of the way private air ports for us to exsplore. I think there will be some great options for all of us including some great thermal and ridge soaring  and xc flying.  Do a good bit for everyone.

   Dates are now set for the 14 of july thru the 21st ....... please start hitting the rsvp button if you think you might attend for our planning.    

     The airport is quite excited to have us and is making everything convenient for us.

  Hanger space on first come first serve basis and i will be posting on continuous room availible as it opens up

  Rv and camping will be available at the AP .and it looks as if a few hanger owners will provide some hose water for us as well.

       Tom tabbs  did a great job securing a location for us and i will be adding more info as it becomes availible. 







  • FlyDiver

    White Eagle, 

    I lived in western WA for 20 years but I have never heard of Shelby. Please help me find it?


  • Leo

    I think it's shelton, not Shelby....not sure.

    In any case, I'd like to submit Polson as an option.

    1. it's closer ( for many of us including back east pilots if they come out)

    2. it offers, 10K plus mountains, lakes, farmland, open plains and fantastic rivers.

    3. It's diversed in terms of pilot skills, from begginer to advanced.

    4. The airport was open, spacious and friendly to camping.

    5. Lots of great restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations.

    6. And it has some hangars, plus grass tie downs right in front of your camp/RV.


    I think it's perfect for these meets and the size they have grown to. Personally I  loved it and would go back a second time in a heartbeat.

  • FlyDiver

    Whew, thanks, Shelton I know. Lived there and flew out of KSHN for 17 years. Only problem with western Washington is lots of rain and fog. August often the best month for flying but you can still get rained out. Now you know why I retired to Texas. Chelan might be a better weather choice. 

  • Dave G

    I will say that I love Polson but I would also like to go somewhere that I havent been.

    Shelton looks like it has lots of amenities, pastoral fields, beautiful rivers and shopping and dining nearby. the one thing that it lacks is the lake.

    1st choice Shelton,Wa

    2nd choice Polson, MT

  • Dave G

    This is great news David. Thanks for that.

    Just need the dates now so we can book the time off work and plan other summer activites around those dates.

    Thanks again David.

  • white eagle

        Ok   its official and i thought id bring everyone up to speed .    Shelton washington iam afraid is out as it just didnt work out with the airport requirements.    Tom tabbs has done a good job securing  stevensville airport  in montana for our 2018 pnw fly in. 

        I can tell you that stevensville is roughly about 29.8 miles due south of missoula montana.  Its a terrific place to fly down the incredable bitteroot river valley. Anyone who has seen the movie a river runs through it will have a good idea of what to exspect.

          The ap is very excited to have us . Camping and rv  friendly and it looks like they may open up some hanger space for us and a water hose for filling rvs.

      Lush green grassy valleys with beautiful bitteroot mountains , fine resteraunts  , lolo hot springs. Looks really good for e/o options.                         I might also suggest a xc flight in to the skalako pass aera and rock creek. Beautiful as you can imagine and some great cascades too.

         We are currently pushing around some dates to acomadate moving a bit away from osh kosh and i have a few more pilots to talk to.

    WeWe also want to make it possable for kameron  from northwing to attend again.

       I know many of you need final dates asap so ill try to wrap this up pretty quickly and let you all know within the next couple of days or so . 




  • Dave G

    Thank a bunch David and Tom for the securing our new location, it looks wonderful. I cant wait!!!!!

    Is the airport the one with the paved runway called Ckye field?

  • white eagle

    It is dave  and my friend grant who is a critical care paramedic is aranging for us a list of private little airports 8 in all that everyone may make a tour of. Grant is a ppg pilot who attended a few of are earlier fly ins. Great to have him coming.

  • Happy Triker

    I'm proud of that it will be 7th continues year attending for me.

  • white eagle

    Heck henry you are a founding member.  Such times to remember such epic flights. As tom is,thinking. This one is going to be one for the record books

  • Ken

    Fantastic news! Cant wait to see you all again this year. 

  • white eagle

    It sure will be good to see you too ken. Iam really excited about this and i know tom has been wanting to have it here for a while now. Just s short update  tom has been workin on putting a xc flight together to land  leagally  on a road and tour bannack ghost town. A real treat .

  • Garrett Porter

    I'm excited to get to meet all of you guys finally and attend my first trike event! If there is any way that I can help with anything, I would love to get involved.

  • white eagle

    Hi garrett great your from kens neck of the woods. Anyways sure you can help . As we get closer to the event  thell be alot to do . Every year the ladys put up a big feast bbq which was awesome last year . And as things come up ill encorporate your help . Looking foward to meeting you.

  • Garrett Porter

    @white eagle

    I saw your post about points of interest to fly to and visit from the air but I wasn't familiar with where most of them were in relation to Stevensville. I made this map to show where each one was and I also added a few extra places on there that seemed interesting to me. Visiting a few of the backcountry airstrips over the border in Idaho might be a fun adventure. If you think it would be worth creating a better map of possible flying POI's around the area I can put together a more interactive version that would be less cluttered. People could even add to the map as they see fit to make it more collaborative. To see a bigger, more readable version of this map, the source is located at http://alltrikes.com/elgg/photos/thumbnail/100405/master/

    PNW Fly In POI

  • white eagle

    No keep it up this what we want is pilots participation. This map is great . I might mention theres also chief joesph peak. Where the nez pierze crossed over into montana trying to make it to canada.  Last i remember you can still see where all the horses ate off the bark on the trees and there was still some lodgepoles still set up  for tents. Tom was lookin into a trip to banack ghost town. We eill also have a live dance band for 2 days. There is also a natural hot springs not too far from stevensville  takes a little hike but has an incredable view looking over a cliff at the bitteroot valley. 

    Tom tabbs sent me a map to put in here but this one is great and good enough.  Thank you

  • ULtrikepilot

    Hey Garrett, that map you put together is really great.  David, since you mentioned Tannack Ghost town, I went out and captured a satelite map showing the terrain and distance (about 107 miles).  Sounds like it would be a very interesting XC event.


  • white eagle

    This is just great thank you joe so much for putting this up

  • Garrett Porter

    Right now this event shows August but the text description mentions July.

  • white eagle

    Yah me bad garrett.  Good catch i corrected  it

     One thing you can do right now garrett is get a rally of the other flyers in the aera who want to come!  Were looking for a record gathering this fly  in promises to have alot going for it! 

          Mostly we are going to ask people to donate to the costs at the fly in . Scince it is non sactioned event!  Tom tabbs has already arrainged 3 porta potties and a wash station!  So there will be donations for the airport hanger, rv spots and camping . And of course some donations for the band. We have always supported the airports in the past and its good for are cause so i just want folks to be informed. We also have a bbq planned and the band after were done eating.  Their a really fun band  ( night liner) 70s rock and country!

      Thanks for putting up this map.  I can attest as a montana native that this is a georgous place to fly.  As a kid i was in the earthquake that caused hebgon lake to shift by a half a mile. Now called quake lake. My father was col for the civil air patrol who dilevered by c-47 beech supples  to the people stranded their.  Grass hopper glacier is soo cool millions of prehistoric grass hoppers intomed  in the ice for everyone to see . Theirs a natural hot springs with a grass runway that we can land at as well .  So dont forget to hit the rsvp button.

  • Carson Pryor

      White Eagle called me today to personally invite me back to the Pacific NW Fly-in and it was great to hear his cheerful voice.  Thank's David and as of just yesterday I found out I'll be able to attend this incredable event. Talk about timing to receive David's call. 

      I have invited a few people to join me on this adventure and have 2 firm commitments and perhaps 2 others that may join us as well.  We will be bringing my trike and perhaps one other along with a motor home and an enclosed travel trailer.  It will be good to see familiar faces again as well as meeting others that didn't attend last year. This trip will be 1962 miles for us to drive from College Station, Tx to Stevensville, Mt and I can't wait to see the Big Sky country once again. I thank each and everyone of you for putting this event together. It will be a such a pleasure to attend and a memory I will cherish for life.  

  • Larry Kaiser

    Hi! I am new to this site, but the fly in in Montana sounds like a lot of fun. I can't seem to find the actual dates for this event. July and August are both mentioned, but I can't be sure which it is. I would need to put in for vacation well ahead of time. Please post the "Official" dates. Thank you. We have a fifth wheel and I plan to pull my trike trailer (flat bed) behind my fifth wheel.  FYI, I have a YouTube channel with lots of videos if anyone is interested. Just search for "Larry Kaiser" in the you tube search box. I hope to meet everyone at the flyin.  Larry Kaiser, Airborne Outback Trike. Wink

  • white eagle

    Carson my friend its always great speaking with you . You all were such a barrel of laughs last year not to mention you excellent panhandle grub.


    Larry sorry about the confusion as the first dates for shelton washington fell through . But even better yet stevensville montana  32s is just even better . We are going to have so much fun.    So officially the fly in dates  july 14 thru the 21st.    We have 2 bbqs planned and not sure but i think walt baydo is doing that again and its excellent!  After the bbg on the evening of the 20th nightliner  will be playing for all of us in the eaa hanger.  They are quite good probably because i left the band a few years back but dan tells me i will be doing at least one song with them!  So glad i am going to get to meet you larry as i think we have talked on the phone before . Or i watched some of your vids. 

  • Larry Kaiser

    Thanks for the nearly immediate response!  I will put in for vacation tomorrow.