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  • The West Bar and Potholes/Frenchman Coulees - Ice Age Floods Part II

The West Bar and Potholes/Frenchman Coulees - Ice Age Floods Part II

By Ttabs

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Best if watched in HD 720p and full screen.

See the West Bar on the Columbia River - site of a massive deposit left behind from the last flood that displays very large and defined ripple marks. Then I head just south to take an up close and personal look at Potholes and Frenchman Coulees which were formed by the violent Lake Missoula Floodwaters. Nov 7, 2012


  • Anne M

    Hi Ttabs, Xc sent me the first one of these videos, and I am so glad that you posted them! It is great to see landscapes and even better to have the geological history explained for them. How many more do you have? Keep posting them!!! There is no better way to learn Earth Sciences than to see them, (except to fly over them!). I love looking up different flights people do to see how the landscapes evolved. Thanks again.

  • Ttabs

    I work with a fella named Nick Zentner who is the Geology Prof at Central WA University.  Great guy.  We did a project at Dry Falls State Park that turned out very well.  Since then, we've done several other projects and he's a great resource for me to use.  

    Here's a link to the Dry Falls story now being played 20 times each day at the parks visitor's center.  You can guess who does the flying scenes!  

    All interesting stuff!

  • Jozinko

    very nice video, beautiful countryside!!