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Boulder City NV (BVU), Eldorado Dry Lake, Jean Dry Lake, Ivanpah Dry lake, Santa Paula (SZP), Agua Dulce (L70), Eagle (A09), AVI, Searchlight (1L3), Kidwell (1L4), Triangle, Temple Bar (U30), Echo Bay (0L9), Rebels Roost, Avi Suquilla (P20 - Parker), Trail End Camp, Marble Canyon (L41), Monument Valley, Carson City (CXP), Paso Robles (PRB), Oceano (L52), Santa Maria (SMX), Santa Inez (IZA), Calvada Meadows, Shoshone (L61), Amargosa, Pahrump Dry Lake,  Mesquite Dry Lake, Lake Havasu City (HII), Barstow (DAG), El Mirage, Flying J, Big Bear City (L35), Flabob (RIR), Trona (L72), Lone Pine (O26), Stovepipe Wells (L09), Furnace Creek (L06), Jean NV (0L7), Polson Mt (8S1), Ferndale MT (53U), Kalispell MT (S27), Hot Springs MT (S09), St George Utah (SGU), Hurricane Utah (1L8), Blythe CA (BLH), Ak-Chin AZ (A39), Casa Grande AZ (CGZ), Coolidge AZ (P08), Sky Ranch/Sandy Valley NV (3L2), Overton NV (Perkins Field - U08), Alamo NV (L92), Tiger Field NV (N58), Silver Springs NV (SPZ), Dayton Valley Airpark  NV (A34), Gardnerville NV  (MEV), South Lake Tahoe (KTVL), Hawthorne NV (HTH), Fallon NV (FLX), Farias Wheel (NV33), Bridgeport CA (Bryant O57), Alpine (M45), Dead Cow Dry Lake, Stage Coach Dry Lake.

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  • How cool is this?

    By Ken
    Not my video, but these camera angles are unreal!
  • D-Day Jump

    By Ken

    Categories: Not Trike Related

    Comments (3)
    My D-Day Jump over Normandy 5 June 2019
  • 2019 flying season begins!!!

    By Ken

    Categories: Big Fast Trikes

    Comments (2)
    Let the spring 2019 flying season begin! Finally a great day to get off the planet has arrived in Reno
  • Solstice Flight December 2018

    By Ken

    Categories: Big Fast Trikes

    Comments (11)
    Quick flight the morning of the winter solstice 12/21/2018. Flew from Dayton NV to Carson City NV to meet up with Paul Hamilton (@trikecfri) and his wife Loretta. Video is a .quick shot of the return flight. Thanks to Paul for the photos
  • Tahoe Rocks!

    Tahoe to Kingsbury
  • 6Th Annual PNW Fly in

    By Ken

    Categories: Groups / Fly-Ins

    Comments (5)
    Found this one in the wild posted by a visitor to the event. Wish this guy could have found a ride into the sky. Jan Nademlejnsky Published on Jul 31, 2017 I droved 650 km my motorcycle from Kamloops to Sandpoint in Idaho. The roads were...
  • Bumpy Day in a PulsR

    By Ken Comments (1)
    Its not me, but I Found this in the wild. Looks like a bumpy day!
  • Cambridge scientist debunks flying myth

    By Ken

    Categories: Tech

    How cool is this!! I knew thew were full of it!! Aeroplanes can fly because their wings cause the air pressure underneath to be greater than that above, lifting them into the air. But engineers have for years been frustrated by a theory which...
  • ultralight trike fail rip wing apollo racer

    By Ken

    Categories: Safety

    Comments (7)
    Hokey smokes Bullwinkle, check this out!
  • Trike Globetrotters in NY

    By Ken
    Trike Globetrotters in NY