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  • Soloed

    I did it. Finished my training and soloed my beautiful Sky Cycle trike. Mike did an awesome job training me and building the trike. It flies like a dream. I'm going to have a blast being a trike pilot :)

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  • something from training

    He was quite good, then I decided to simulate him lost of engine power after take off. As you can see he did two mistakes very shortly step by step. Because the view to the approaching ground is terrible, he decided push the bar out. I had to correct it.

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  • 100 hours - a Century

    In 1.3hrs I will have completed a total of 100 hours since my Microlight training began in July last year. A significant milestone. Currently I have 49.7 hours dual (includes instruction or with passengers),  and a total of 49 hours solo.  I have been trying to exceed my dual hou...

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  • Asiana 777 Crash: Shocking Inside Perspective their training and results seen at SFO

    I got this email from a friend here at AllTrikes.  It's an apparent insider's perspective on why the crash of the Korean Asiana 777 at San Francisco (SFO) 5 days ago was inevitable and his thought that more are bound to happen.         &...

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  • BRS Training: Cirrus Deploys Chute Training

    Cirrus says it has made pilot safety its new top priority with a program designed to ensure the pilots of its aircraft know how, and perhaps more importantly when, to use the built-in safety features, including the parachute. In announcing Cirrus Approach, CEO Dale Klapmeier said the Cirrus sa...

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  • Justification. Adding Spiral recovery to the PTS

    Based on a number of trike fatalities because of lack of training of pilots being able to exit intentional or unintentional spiral dives, I have decided to pursue getting spiral dive recovery into the Practical Test Standards (PRS) for the USA so all new pilots and CFI's will start training to th...

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  • Call to Action. Adding Spiral recovery Tasks to the Practical Test Standards (PTS).

    Intentional or unintentional spiral dives have caused a number of fatalities throughout the world. Therefore,  I have decided to pursue getting spiral dive recovery into the Practical Test Standards (PTS) so all new pilots and CFI's will start training for this important maneuver in the US a...

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  • Martin

    Some of Martin's landings before his final exams.

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  • Training, training, training....

    Landings, landings, landings...

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  • Landings, landings...

    Some landings...

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